Decorating with wooden blocks or “snowmen heads!”

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Decorating wooden blocks FP | Country Design Style |

Did you see the scrap wood snowmen that spent the winter on our front porch?

Well, I took their heads off and found some decorating uses for the block heads.

I came up with 5 ideas.  Do you have more ideas?  I don’t want to toss their heads!

Decorating Wooden Box

5 ideas to decorate with a block of wood | Country Design Style |

Here’s one of the “heads.”  A palm sander was used to take off some of the paint and grim {they were on the front porch all winter.}  This gives the wood a beachy summer look, don’t you think?

Decorating Wooden Box | Country Design Style |

Idea number 1.  Place a tray on top for an easy server.  This would be totally awesome filled with cupcakes!  Raising a tray up from the table add interest with various heights and gives more room for more food or cupcakes. 😀

Decorating with boxes | Country Design Style |

Idea number 2.  I do this with soup cans too.  If you’re making a mantel display and need a favorite item to sit higher, place it on a block of wood.  The wood might just work better than the soup cans because I can peek out and not look too strange.

That shaggy tree was made from a piece of rope.  You can see how here.

A couple of Christmases ago we had guests over and they noticed my soup cans tucked behind the pine branches.  Oh well, at least the label had red.

Seashell is special placed on decorative wood block | Country Design Style |

Give it a stage!  A perfect seashell found on a special early morning walk on a stunning quiet beach deserves to be on stage.

I miss living in Pismo Beach.

Decorate Wooden Box or Blocks | Country Design Style |

Got two blocks of wood…book ends!!!

Another decor tip, take the covers off “junky” books.  Not quality books, or a book you might want to read, but those old books at yard sales and thrift store.  I will be sharing more ideas on Periscope tomorrow, Thursday at 2 pm MST.  You can join me by downloading the free Periscope app and following Country Design Style.

Decorating with wooden block or box | Country Design Style |

And since you have two blocks of wood…stick the other in the middle of that tray and add another tray.

Again better with cupcakes.

Decorating wooden box and blocks | Country Design Style |

Do I have you digging through the wood scrap pile yet?

Maybe I should make cupcakes for the construction crew. 🙂


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  1. A house is under construction next door and a dumpster is FULL of 2×4 scraps!! If I were to bring as much home as I would want to my hubby would freak! But a few pieces will be a must!!

    1. Lol, Lois! I know you will enjoy the scraps. Your hubby will be amazed at how creative you are with a 2 by 4 that he just might help gather more! Thanks for reading along with me.

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