DIY Kitchen Backsplash Idea

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DIY Kitchen Backsplash and more projects | Country Design Style |

DIY Kitchen Backsplash Idea

We have the perfect kitchen backsplash for a DIY kitchen backsplash idea or even several ideas.  The only wall in our kitchen that’s “backsplashed” is the one with the kitchen sink.  The kitchen window covers the backsplash area over the sink.  So the backsplash area is two rectangles.  Nothing to cut in except the light switches and electrical plates.

We’ve lived here ten years.  As I DIYer you would think I would have tackled the backsplash years ago.

But I haven’t been able to decide.  I’ve carried home tile samples, paint samples, and even flooring samples.

Nothing rings my bell.

DIY Kitchen Backsplash Idea

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DIY Kitchen Backsplash the other side | Country Design Style |

Here’s the other side of the backsplash area.  So far, I’ve painted it oatmeal.  The same color as the rest of the room including the dining room and living area.  Boring.

Oh, note the wire person and two penguins.  I shaped them when my son was about 14 years old and he was watching a show on penguins!

DIY Kitchen Idea | Country Design Style |

I found chalkboard paper roll table runner.  It will be part of my kitchen backsplash later in the week…along with an idea involving the wire penguins.

Welcome to our World | Country Design Style |

Stay tuned also for a project update on this globe I painted with chalkboard paint.  I’m learning geography…fast!

Block with lights off | Country Design Style |

Here’s another way to display wood blocks!  I shared 5 ideas to decorate with wood blocks…and then found another.  Everything looks better under a glass cloche!

Blocks with lights on | Country Design Style |

I added thin copper lights and dollar store flowers on top.  Fun lighting when watching Gray’s Anatomy.  We finished The Blacklist a couple of nights ago.  🙂

Update:  The kitchen backsplash is done!  Click here to see the finished project.

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  1. Where is the DIY? I enjoyed your blog entry but failed to find a DIY or even an idea. Did I miss something?

    1. Well Joann, gosh you’re right!!! I’m so sorry. I was trying something new. My projects this week are backed up. None of them were finished. 🙁 I saw on another website I follow where she did sort of a “look what’s coming up” kind of post. Since I’m trying to keep on a schedule, I gave it a try. Now reading back over my post this morning…yuck! What I should have done was shared one complete project and then just a photo of what’s coming next. Next time I will not worry about the schedule and make sure to give quality content and information that is worth the click to read. Thank you for calling me out on this. I appreciate all my readers and stay as upfront as I can. The globe is finished and will be published later today. 😕 Sincerely, Jeanette

      1. JoAnn Nicoletti says:

        I am sure that I will continue to enjoy your blog Jeanette. Keep up the good work!

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