2 DIY Craft Feathers made in Minutes

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Let’s make craft feathers and add a bit of detail to our home decor. We’ll let the birds keep their feathers.

close up of craft feathers

This project was first created on the live DIY video. I wasn’t even sure if it would work. The drop cloth feathers turned out gorgeous. And so easy to make. Thankfully, since I tried it live!

As soon as I finished the video, I tried the technique using burlap. And it worked too! Below is the replay of the drop cloth feathers video and written instructions to make the burlap feather.

DIY craft feathers done

The DIY craft feathers look great together.

Supplies for DIY craft feathers – burlap


bias cut

The most important thing to remember is to cut on bias. Unlike the drop cloth feathers which are cut crossgrain. This keep the burlap threads from falling out at the top and bottom of the feather.

Cut a simple feather shape on the bias about 8-inches long and 4 inches wide.

glue on burlap craft feather

Apply a thick line of craft glue from the top to the bottom.

glue holding fibers of burlap

Use a small paintbrush or your finger to “push” the glue into the fibers of the burlap.

glue on craft feather

Lay the white twine into the glue and press into the fibers. You want to make sure the glue locks the pieces together.

scissors holding feather folds

Fold over lightly. I held the feather using my scissors.

comb fibers of burlap

Now it’s time to borrow the dog’s comb. The idea is the unravel the woven pieces. You can use a large sewing needle too, if you don’t have a dog. 😉

fraying burlap

As you unravel, you’ll notice the feather shape is lost.

cutting the shape

So, just recut to get the feather shape back.

Drop cloth feather video

Here’s a time-lapse video showing how I made the drop cloth feathers. The steps are basically the same, except I cut along the grain.

You can watch the full live recorded video for the drop cloth feathers here.

craft feathers done

Last Friday I collected the past week’s videos into a post. You can see them all here.

UPDATE: I’ve made at least 20 feathers using this same technique.

This is my latest and favorite! Well, until I make another. 🙂

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