Make a Chalkboard Shape – Little Black Swimsuit

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When I first got the idea for this project it was a two piece!  Now that I finally got around to making it…it’s a one piece.  The joys of old age…ugh!

Chalkboard-shape-little-black-swimsuit main2 | Country Design Style |

A perfect little black suit. It makes you feel strong and ready to take on the world. A little black swimsuit makes you feel ready to take on the beach! This little black swimsuit will take on your…notes??

In a chalkboard way!!

Chalkboard Shape – Little Black Swimsuit

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Chalkboards are so popular in home decor. While so can be expensive to buy, this one you can make on almost any budget.
Years ago I made home decor items to sell wholesale to local shops. The chalkboard shapes always sold out. During that time, I wanted to design a bikini two piece chalkboard with yellow polka dots around the trim. I never got around to it…until now!

And it turned into a one piece!

Before we get started on the chalkboard we need a drawing. Many of my shape drawings are still around. As I transfer them to the computer, I will add them to our free printable library. The library is available to subscribers. If you are not a subscriber…

click above to be added.

Chalkboard drawing

The chalkboard shapes I made to sell were drawn on large poster size paper.  The swimsuit was drawn on the computer.

swimsuit drawing

Have you ever used a repeated stencil?  One that uses registration marks?  If not let me explain.

I could have made the template on one sheet of paper. But to be large enough for a chalkboard, you would have to take the template to a copy store and have it enlarged. We don’t want the added expense, time or gas in your car. So instead I enlarged the temple for you to print on four pages.

Registration Marks

Anyone can grab the free printable template here, subscriber or not!  You’re welcome.

List of supplies

Template from above
Clamps  {use to hold MDF in place}
1/2 inch MDF  {Home Depot sells 2′ by 2′ sheets}
Chalkboard Paint
Sawtooth hanger
Hammer or screwdriver to attach the hanger

Chalkboard-shape-little-black-swimsuit marks | Country Design Style |

In each corner is a diamond shape mark. To draw your swimsuit, simply make sure the diamonds overlap. And tape the pages into a large temple.

Chalkboard-shape-little-black-swimsuit-carbon-paper | Country Design Style |

I used carbon paper to transfer the lines onto MDF.  If you don’t have carbon paper on hand you can cut out the swimsuit and then draw with a pencil.

Chalkboard-shape-little-black-swimsuit-tape | Country Design Style |

Use tape to hold the template in place.  Then using a jigsaw, cut the swimsuit out. Here are my jigsaw tips.

Chalkboard-shape-little-black-swimsuit-sanding | Country Design Style |

MDF makes wonderful chalkboard because the surface is smooth.  I do like to sand the edges to take away small bits.  MDF tends to get a rugged edge after painting with any paint.

My old table sander died.  I bought this one on Amazon and it’s my first project using it.  Wahoo!!!  Nothing like a new woodworking tool. 😀  You can use sandpaper and sand by hand too.

Chalkboard-shape-little-black-swimsuit-hanger | Country Design Style |

When hanging anything that’s an unusual shape use these teeth hangers.  It was hard to find the balanced center of a swimsuit. 😕

Painting swimsuit

I painted the sides of the swimsuit first. Then painted two coats over the top.

Chalkboard-shape-little-black-swimsuit-pin1 | Country Design Style |

Perfect for notes at the back door.

Chalkboard-shape-little-black-swimsuit-sarong | Country Design Style |

A swimsuit chalkboard can be fun to decorate.  Add a sarong.

Chalkboard-shape-little-black-swimsuit pin5 | Country Design Style |

Draw on patterns, add a Hawaiian lei, glue on silk flowers.

Chalkboard-shape-little-black-swimsuit-sq2 | Country Design Style |

Add a favorite saying.

Chalkboard swimsuit

This is a winner and I’m gonna get a two-piece chicken dinner tonight! 🙂

Other shapes and ideas

You can see the swimsuit chalkboard displayed on the mantel with other nautical decor projects here.  If you happen to read this in December, how about a chalkboard shaped Santa Boot?


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  1. Hi Jeanette!
    I recently came across your IG account, and now im reading your blog!
    This idea is PERFECT! Love it! Thank you for sharing the pattern, i’ll be making it soon!

    1. I’m so glad you found me on Instagram. Welcome to the blog. I enjoy all my readers and get inspired by all you guys every day. Welcome! ~Jeanette

  2. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Why haven’t I seen this before??!! It’s so perfect for my beach themed everything – I must make it immediately! Or maybe wait until morning when everyone is awake 😉
    Thank you Jeanette – definitely a winner, skip the chicken, you deserve a lobster dinner!

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