How you Know it’s time to Update the Front Door Decor

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How do you know it’s time to update the front door decor??

spiderweb on greens

It’s time when the wreath has too many spiderwebs, UGH!

Of course, if I took that literally, I would be redoing the front porch every day.  Living next to the forest brings spiderwebs daily.

Plans for the front door decor are more wintery than Christmas,

and super easy!

Front Door Decor

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greens with snow

Here’s what I made to hang on the old baby crib springs.


Evergreen branches cut from the yard.
Spray glue
Epson Salt
Chunky Glitter
Burlap ribbon to make a bow
Large “S” hook
Five Mason jars
Small led battery lights
One large rubber band

The Steps

Prepare the evergreens

The evergreen branches were sprayed with glue and covered with Epson salt and chunky glitter. I’ve done the same with branches that smelled like milk and honey.  

The Mason jars

While the evergreens dried, I added about 1/3 cup of Epsom salt to 5 mason jars.  Next, I cut 5 pieces of twine.  The first piece was about 18 inches and then added 6 inches to each additional piece I cut.  The last was about 40 inches.  Then I tied each jar around the top with a bit of twine.  I dropped one lit led battery light >> HOSL 60 Pack White LED Party Lights Decoration light For Paper Lanterns Balloons Floral into each jar.  Then added the lid.

The assemble

Next, I tied the twine to a large “S” hook.

I gathered the “snow” evergreens and wrapped a rubber band around the tops. {do this outside because the snow is messy…and doesn’t melt} I used water picks to keep the greens green for longer. 

Hook the rubber band on the “S” hook letting the evergreens hang behind the jars.

Update Front Door Decor | Country Design Style |

I make a quick floppy bow.  

I then tied the bow to the top with the twine.

The other side of the door

For the left side, I updated the wire wreath I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I’m not personally a fan of wreaths with objects spaced around the wreath unless it’s covered.  I used my Dremel Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit – Corded to cut off the metal flowers.

Then I tied on a board using twine from the old organ; The board has a light coat of chalkboard paint in the middle area.  I didn’t want to cover the beautiful patina of the old board.  Then I nailed three metal flowers to the board.

Front Door Decor | Country Design Style |

Back on the right side, I hooked the “S” hook on the baby crib for a rustic backdrop.

Now the front door decor is updated and no spiderwebs. 

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  1. I love this idea but how long do those candles stay lit? I guess I’m lazy…all I can think about is having to click them off each night. When will they make remote controlled tea lights? 🙂 It is so pretty and I love the “snow” on the branches.
    Merry Christmas to you!

    1. Hi Cecilia, Thanks for visiting and asking about the lights. What I used was small led lights. I bought them from Amazon {my favorite store} for $14. They are actually lights for paper lanterns. The bag contained 60 lights. I also have them in my dish tree for back lighting on the plates. I have to admit, the first 3 nights I would turn them off! Ugh! Now I leave them on. The dish tree has been hanging since December 3rd. I’ve replaced 7 of the 16 lights. I did find replacement batteries on Amazon. Ten for $5. Those batteries seem to stay brighter longer. The lights above have been on since the 12th with the old batteries. I did notice one needs to be replaced.

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