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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you’re reading this with a belly full and comfortable clothes!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s a day when I can eat what I want and not worry about the waist.

Decorate with dead leaves and elk trampled pine cones…

and that’s okay!



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To keep it simple today I’m sharing our table….

before it’s covered with drippy gravy, the pat of butter that got away from the knife, and the spilled glass of cranberry cocktail.

thankful | sq

The rustic, chippy chargers were made years before blogging.  I used a sheet of 1/4 inch plywood and started cutting circles.

thankful | 2

Each charger has two circles.  One is a large ring and a smaller circle is glue in the middle from the underside.  Then painted with leftover paint {way before chalk based paint was all the rage!}

Thanksgiving table with natural colors on different type of pumpkins lined on a wood board runner. The place setting have loads of color with rustic chargers. |

I climbed on a chair, tethered and toddled to get a photo of the table from above…

and I didn’t fall into the middle of everything!!

Although the photo didn’t turn out great…none of the 23 pictures I took!

The glass pumpkin is full of our Thanksgiving questions.  Click to download a free printable here.

I was trying to show the neutral collection of pumpkins made or painted this autumn.  I lined them on an aged board.  Then used colorful Pioneer Woman dishes down the sides.

thankful | fpol

What is you favorite Thanksgiving side dish?  Mine is sweet potatoes covered in butter and melty marshmallows.  Yum! 🙂

You can read about the simplicity of our Thanksgiving here at Simple Abundance.

I’m truly thankful for each and every reader.  Now to loosen my belt a notch.

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  1. Interesting! I love these kind of chargers but they are so pricy and I never thought about making my own. Thank you for the inspiration and right before Christmas! I love what you’ve done!

    1. Hey, Shirley, thank you so much. Glad I inspired you to make chargers. They are pricy! Have a wonderful holiday. ~Jeanette

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