Making clay potpourri

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Making clay potpourri main | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.comAs I get older I’m feeling panic that I won’t finish all those projects bouncing around in my head.

Today I finish one from years ago and the best part…

it worked.

It’s simple and inexpensive. And I’ve bought expensive ones in the past. It’s also hard to find, but this idea will recycle or upcycle your old potpourri.

The steps in making clay potpourri

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Making clay potpourri sq | Country Design Style |


White air dry clay
Plastic knife
Cooling Rack
Plastic Baggie
Essential Oils

I used a white air dry clay and

Making clay potpourri molds | Country Design Style |

these vintage butter molds. I’ve actually used them to mold butter. But guests think your nuts when you bring out butter for their pancakes in the shape of a rose.

You can also use these molds.

Making clay potpourri shapes | Country Design Style |

I tested two ways. First I rubbed essential oils into the clay. Then shaped the clay. This didn’t work as well as the second try.  The oils made the clay slippery and hard to mold.  I also felt I was wasting oil.

I made the shape. Let the clay dry for 24 hours. Then added drops of oil to the clay. The clay dries with a matte finish and absorbed the oil.  This is the best way in my opinion.

Making clay potpourri oiled | Country Design Style |

Next, I added the clay to baggies along with old potpourri pieces.  Then added about 1/8 of the bottle of oil.  I used spearmint and lavender.  Then set the bags in a closet for a week.  Each morning I turned the bags to coat well.

Making clay potpourri pin | Country Design Style |

Then dumped the clay potpourri and pieces in a dish.  Aw!!!!

I guess!

When you get older you lose your sense of smell, so I hope this worked!

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