Bedside Carafe Farmhouse Style

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Here’s a simple idea for a creative bedside carafe farmhouse style.

Many home stores and catalogs are selling beautiful and expensive bedside carafes with a glass that fits over the top becoming the lid.

I did an inspired by ~ knock off of this idea!

With the holidays coming, wouldn’t to be fun to have a bedside carafe for each guest?  I figured out a way to get a dozen carafes with glasses for about $20.



Mason jars come in regular and wide mouth sizes.  The wide mouth is easier to fill when canning veggies .

So I’ve been told.  Popping green beans was my job when canning with Grandma.

During a sleepless night I started wondering if a regular sized mouth mason jar would fit inside a wide mouth jar.  It was several months before I ever tried it.

The best ideas take me a while! 🙂

bedside carafe

I starting thinking about mason jars and the size of their mouth, when I broke the expensive glass to one of the bedside carafes I bought.  Yep, I shelled out close to $100 for two bedside carafes for Mike and I.  I don’t like breaking things but I have to admit…

I was glad to see that glass break!!

We like ice in our bedside water and getting ice cubes into the narrow mouth every night…well there’s a better use of my time!

Plus they are not easy to clean!

I kept the carafes just for wine or water.  I also kept the glass and use the carafe and use it when we have one house guest for their bedside.  But we rarely have one house guest…we have 4 or 7 or 8!

I did find other bedside carafes online.  This one from One King’s Lane is stunning.  Please click to view the inspiration image.  Do to copyright I do not download images that are not mine! 🙂

My bedside carafe farmhouse style is…my style!


So that’s why I was wondering if a wider mouth mason would fit over a regular mouth jar.

And it does!

The sizes needed for the perfect fit are a wide mouth pint that fits over a regular mouth quart jar.


These are fun for ice tea too!

Here’s an idea for the seals too!

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  1. chris aka monkey says:

    Make sure if you do the chalkboard paint on metal, use the spray paint kind. It will stick to the metal seals and now peel off when you so to write with the chalk! jeanette this is what it says for your seal post thought you might like to fix it……i think these carafes are the best idea thanks for sharing xx

    1. Chris, thanks for proof reading for me!!! I need the help. I always type now of not and teh for the! Makes writing posts a huge chore! You’re the best. Hugs! Jeanette

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