30 Days of Autumn Recap

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30 Days of Autumn recap was a test {this was only a test} of a group of Facebook posts with easy & cheap ideas.

30DaysofAutumn Country Design Style SQ

The experiment to grow likes

It was also an experiment on growing Country Design Style’s Facebook likes.  The likes on day one were 268.  On day 30 the likes grew to 346 an increase of 78 new likes.  I will take everyone one of them, but my goal was to reach 500 likes and my dream was to reach 7,000.  {I knew in my gut that wouldn’t happen}

You can read more about my thinking {if you dare to} at 30 days of Autumn.

The interaction was new to me

I’m still not a Facebook fan, even though it’s usually in the top 4 traffic sources to Country Design Style.  That said I did like the interaction with readers!  I’m on Facebook personally too but only to have a business page and use Facebook groups for Country Design Style.  I rarely interact with family or friends on my personal page.  So the interaction with the reader was new to me.

I know I’m a bit outdated!

Will I do it again…Yes!  I already have lists for household tips, country styled organization, and some for the major holidays.

The recap

Here is a recap of some of the photos.  Click the photo to see the Facebook post.

3 30 days of Autumn Country Design Style
4 30 Days of Autumn Country Design Style
7 30 Days of Autumn Country Design Style
9 30 days of autumn Country Design Style
9 30 days of autumn Country Design Style
28 30 Days of Autumn country design style


30 30 Days of Autumn Country Design Style
14 30 Days of Autumn Country Design Style
17 30 Days of Autumn Country Design Style

To see them more as posts on Facebook click here. 

Please note, on Facebook click the Date under Country Design Style to see the complete post.

Oh, and while you’re there like Country Design Style if you haven’t already.

Blogging friends

For my blogging friends, if you decide to do something along these lines, I would recommend completing everything first and scheduling your posts.  I started off with a list of well over 30 days of cheap and easy autumn ideas.  That was the easy part.:)  I started with several days of cheap and easy autumn ideas completed, photographed with my new camera, graphics added, Facebook post done and scheduled.

Then there were the other days!!!

Days I was busy and had to stop and complete a cheap and easy project, take photos {even though the post were only one photo, for me it can take many photos to get one,} add graphics…well you know.  But I did it!

4 30 Days of Autumn Country Design Style

Now I’m gonna to make that drink in this picture!  Yum!

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