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Furniture Makeover Red

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It’s that fabulous time when a creative group of DIY bloggers transforms a piece of furniture in the current month’s theme.

This month is RED! Years ago there were several red pieces around our cabin.  Red, green and yellow with EVERY wall in our home YELLOW including the ceilings!  I had hit color overload!
Now our home is calmer with 15 shades of white on the walls.  Furniture is creams, whites, browns, and black.  I found the perfect little chest for the RED challenge.  It’s crate furniture inspired.

Furniture Makeovers Red

themed furniture makeover day

At the bottom of this post are photos of all the RED furniture makeovers.  Simply click on each one to visit the other creative blogger’s projects and remember to follow them!

Removing the cane

This is the chest I found at our local Restore.  It was $10 and we needed something to place on the front porch between our rocking chairs.  The table I had there became the middle of my nesting tables.
This chest was handmade using plywood and wood veneer.  The doors had framed caning.  I personally am not a fan of caning.  So I removed it.  Will replace it with something more in my style.


I don’t like sanding!  But I did sand the veneer to sand the 1970’s look off.

It worked!

Next, I use my favorite aging technique for the very first time on veneer!  It worked perfectly!  The technique uses tea and “ironed vinegar.”  I whispered to the vinegar to go a bit on the red side…

and it did!

The chest came out grayed with a reddish rusty in the grooves of the veneer.
In reality, I was nervous about this project.  Having never tried it on veneer and if it didn’t work…I would have to think of something else!!!

Aged Burlap

I do know the aging technique works on burlap!  Burlap is what I plan to replace the caning.

Adding the red

Then I printed crate inspired lettering in red on the shiny side of freezer paper.  You can order freezer paper in 8 1/2 by 11 sheets on my Amazon Associates store.
Notice in the photo above, I let the burlap stick out from the frames.
I used a craft stick to rub the back of the freezer paper and transfer the printing onto the chest.

Using a small brush, I painted in the lettering using red.
Above are the lettering details.
The ones on the left are special to Mike and me. 🙂


The chest in its place ready to get to work holding our coffee, tea or wine…and my chunky battery candles!  The red is Dunn Edwards exterior paint in Scarlet Red.  The same paint as on our exterior windows in the photo above.


You can see my previous months themed furniture makeovers by clicking each one.

Decoupage furnitureTwo-tone furnitureNumbered table.
Now that I’ve gone red…go check out these amazing red pieces!

My disclaimer:  I was not compensated with product or money for this post.  Products mentioned were purchased for our home and to use to share projects with you.

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P.S. If you’re reading this you made it through the whole post.  You made my day!  Let’s be the best of friends. 😊


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    1. Wendi @ H2OBungalow says

      Nice job on the transformation! It looks very different from the 70’s style it started out as! You rocked my creative world with your aging technique! Pinned and saved! I can’t wait to try it out!!

      • Jeanette says

        Fair warning the aging technique is addicting! I’ve even had a reader use the technique on their gatehouse! The whole outside of the gatehouse. It’s perfect for outside too because it seems to have a preserving ability. Jeanette

      • Jeanette says

        Thank you so much for visiting. It seems I always thinking, how can I do this with burlap?? Excited to be on the tour with you. I love your website! Jeanette

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