Thanksgiving Traditions Disasters Sweet and Funny



Thanksgiving Traditions Disasters some sweet and some funny!

Thanksgiving Traditions

Having recently joined a group of creative bloggers for a Thanksgiving traditions tour, I thought it would be fun to ask readers about their traditions.

While I was asking on social media, I decided to include Thanksgiving disasters too!

Thanksgiving Traditions from readers

Too many Thanksgiving dinners?

Since my husband and I travel for Thanksgiving we’ve always celebrated with our kids the Sunday before. Dinner is usually a Summer picnic or whatever strikes our fancy. That way no one gets burned out on Turkey and the fixings.

Need to preserve the family memories?

I will share that every Thanksgiving we take family pictures before our feast~Depending on the weather we take them in a barn or in the woods~ Great memories in just getting everyone together to actually take the photo~

Need something to do with the kids?

I know it sounds corny, but after dinner every Thanksgiving all the kids, and grandkids, made some sort of craft. We took turns choosing what to do. On her last Thanksgiving, my mom chose a small Christmas ornament, one of our favorite was a bird feeder made from a wreath with pine cones covered in peanut butter and birdseed. Such a mess in my kitchen, but one of my favorite memories.

What a traditional decor for the Christmas tree?

Our family makes construction paper chains in red and green, one loop for each day till Christmas…we hang it up and take one off each night till Christmas. It helps kids realize how far/close it is. As it nears the exciting day, they usually need someone to lift them up to pull off the day’s chain…. I have such fond memories of my dad lifting me up to do this !!

What to make room for more food?

This is a Thanksgiving tradition my family does.  After dinner and the dishes are soaking or in the dishwasher, we go for a walk.  Just a stroll around the neighborhood, the farm, the woods or where ever we happen to be for Thanksgiving.  If there is only Mike and me for Thanksgiving, then just the 2 of us walk with the dogs.  If there are 30, then we all head out for a walk.  Makes room for dessert!


Thanksgiving Disasters

Most of us have tried to deal with a still-frozen turkey or left that bag of “things I don’t want to really know what it is” in the inside of the turkey.  Those are small disasters that are easy.  These are funny, hard to live down Thanksgiving disasters.  You know,

the ones that everyone reminds your of each and every year!

More water, please!

My young newly married niece made her first apple pie for Thanksgiving one year.  Not following the recipe exactly she switched the salt and sugar amounts.  Some guests were trying to be polite and choked down a bite or two.

Foot Pie anyone?

It’s not really a “disaster” per say but the family giggles about how one year we didn’t get our much-beloved chocolate/creampie dessert because somehow my foot ended up in the chocolate/cream pie during the car ride on the way to our family holiday lunch. I’m no longer the designated pie person, lol!

The dog is full, we’re hungry 🙁

Last Thanksgiving we didn’t have much room left on the counters so while balancing the turkey platter on moms arms and moving the turkey to the platter, I dropping the turkey on the floor.  Our dog quickly grabbed the turkey and ran through the dog door to the back.  We ate vegetarian!

Let’s just go out to eat!

My first turkey I cooked upside down and overstuffed it. I put it in the MICROWAVE! (I don’t remember why I was only 18) It exploded and eventually got thoroughly dried out but my new hubby of 2 months ate it anyway My mashed potatoes & gravy saved the show! Years later my oven died while the turkey was cooking. The turkey went in the trash can and my guests went to Lum’s for dinner.

Bad Turkey!!  Pass the Ham!

I put the turkey in a low temp oven to cook over nite. The thing didn’t taste good the next morning. Had to get a ham ready right quick. Never tried another turkey like that again.

More whip cream…please!

I made a pumpkin pie from scratch for my whole family. There were about 20 people. I was so proud. It looked absolutely picture perfect. I cut everyone a slice with whipped cream. We all bit into and I had forgotten to add the sugar. No matter how much whip cream we added, it was still awful.

Upside Down Flat Turkey

I tried cooking my turkey upside down in the pan.  I heard it would make the breast meat juicy, and we love the breast meat more.  When I took the turkey out the bottom of the turkey was brown and pretty.  When I turned it over the top was flat, gray and ugly.

NO! We can’t make this a Thanksgiving tradition!!

This disaster comes from me!  In the late 80’s, my son was about 13 years old.  On this particular Thanksgiving, I made a centerpiece using a mix of real and dried flowers.  Just as dinner was starting, I lit two candles to sit on each side of the centerpiece.  Yep, about halfway through dinner, the candles had burnt down to the dried flowers.  The centerpiece went up in flames!  Fortunately, my son and brother doused out the flames.  My son wanted to add, burning the centerpiece, to our family Thanksgiving traditions!  We haven’t…yet!


Want more Thanksgiving Traditions?

Check out these creative ideas from the traditions tour.  Where you will find 4 pie posts, 2 tablescape ideas, a thanksgiving mantel, a collection of inspiring ideas, and a yummy crafty idea for young and old.


Thanksgiving traditions sq

Let us know about your Thanksgiving traditions and disasters in the comments below!

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  1. These are so cute!! We have to do the walk after dinner…we are slugs!!

    I have had the same disaster for the past few years. I haven’t been putting the stuffing in the bird and it always takes about 2 hours less to cook and I never figured out why it was ready so early. So I would try to hide or disguise the turkey from everyone so I had time to get everything else ready! lol! Now I have it figured out!

    Jane x

    1. Jane, Lol! I’ve always had to slice and add the turkey to the platter in the kitchen, because my turkey looks so awful. Tastes okay but never nice and golden brown. Glad you’ve figured out your turnkey timing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Jeanette

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