Fun affordable cabinets to hide the good stuff

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The morning starts warm and sunny with the smell of fresh coffee in the air. You’re excited to assemble your new cabinet and fill it with your good stuff.  The day ends with extra parts, lost instructions but a fully assembled cabinet.  How did that happen?

Here’s how!  Yikes!

Fun Affordable Cabinets

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Sprinkled between the story is a fun collection of affordable cabinets fromAmazon.  Your friendly UPS person can deliver in a matter of days.

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We are in need of cabinets to use as a nightstand. Can you see why? These tables were the side pieces to a vintage vanity table with a mirror in the middle. The surface is small. As we’ve gotten older, we’re a bit more clumsy in the middle of the night. Too many water glasses have hit the floor.

Cabinets that need to be assembled

White cabinet with glass front and drawer.
White cabinet with glass front and drawer.

I not only ordered one of these cabinets, I ordered two.

Mike was golfing when the box arrived. I knew I could put the cabinet together myself, as I dragged the box down the hall. There was a little helper, our 6-month old puppy, Emily.

Affordable-Cabinets-Emily| Country Design Style |

The challenge started when trying to get the pieces outta the box. Little Emily thought she won a prize. She tore cardboard and tape. Her round black eyes lit up to find styrofoam!

Black cabinet with shelves and long drawer.

An hour later, I got the last of the cardboard and styrofoam from the floor and Emily’s mouth. At that moment, I learned…styrofoam sticks to puppies in strange pieces.

With more plastic removed from the instructions, glasses sliding down my nose, and screwdriver in hand, I’m ready to tackle the task.

Farmhouse cabinet

Raise your hand if you know what a Furniture Connecter Cam Lock Fittings is. *my hand is raised*

Those little round things that look like pieces of jewelry. Those things that cause you to read, reread, and then have someone else read it to you. Do what with part C and turn until it snaps into part G??

I read it again.

Two-door tempered glass cabinet with brass hardware

I get worried. The sweat starts when the parts list goes over 26 and the labels start getting into AA, AB, and AC.

This is not the time to trash the instructions. I give a sigh of relief, as Mike walks in. Now the fun begins.

White cabinet with 2 shutter doors

Mike says, “I’ll read the instructions for you.”
“Well I read that three times, I need to see the picture again.!” I say. He hands over the picture. I hand the part to him.

Creamy white cabinet with designs on two doors

I tell him, “No hold it facing south and I’ll add the cam.”
“Okay, which way is south?”

Buffet style cabinet with antique white and walnut

“Just lay it down like in the picture. I think the cam goes on the other side. Is that B or D?” I ask again.

“We’re outta number P screws!!!” “I still need three more,” I say in a moan.

Preassembled Cabinets

Don’t have time to learn what a Furniture Connecter Cam Lock Fittings is or the desire to learn…here’re some preassembled cabinets.

Standing back I groan, “The top is backward.”
Mike weary says, “It looks okay.”
“But the decorative edge is in the back.”

Pinewood chest the drawers and side door

“It should go together easy. If we’re forcing it we did it wrong…again.” “You hold this end, and I hold the other side.

“We did it!” We both exclaim!

“Well, that was easy!” Mike said. I nod my head in agreement.

Red cabinet with glass panels on two front doors

Notice: This post written in fun doesn’t reflect the actual events. Except for Emily’s role. Don’t try this with a 6-month old puppy. The cabinet went together perfect, with all the parts in the box. We even had a couple of leftover parts. I see a cam necklace in my future. 🙂

Affordable-Cabinets-Pin | Country Design Style |

The day ended with freshly brewed coffee spiked with Bailey’s.

Your turn.

Let us know which is your favorite cabinet.  Have you assembled furniture before?

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  1. Looks great! Love all your choices. I love cabinets, they make my house look organised. Looking forward to more inspiring posts.

  2. Such fun writing. Love it. I’m so curious, which cabinet did you get?

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