Workshop Series 3 or buzz, buzz…light!

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Workshop Series 3 or buzz, buzz…light!

In Workshop Series 2 or that’s not gray hair, it’s paint!  I layered and layered and layered on the paint.

It was definitely worth all the layers of paint because the walls of black paper painted creamy white look terrific and my little workshop is so bright!

Workshop Series 3 Buzz, Buzz...Light Country Design Style

Now I need power. We had an outlet right next to the workshop but we had it rewired for the jacuzzi {worth the sacrifice}. Now the best outlet is one from the garage. Since budget is a concern the simplest and cheapest thing is to run a long outdoor electrical cord through PVC to the workshop.

Easy Peasy!

Workshop Series 3 Buzz, Buzz...Light Country Design Style

Then I found a perfect old jewelry box at our local antique store’s yard sale to use as my “electrical box”. Just wanted a place to curl up the cord and get it out of sight. Why are outdoor electrical cords ugly orange?

The flexible metal electrical tubing is just for looks!

Workshop Series 3 Buzz, Buzz...Light Country Design Style

My dad gave me an old rusty funnel about 10 years ago that I would at time hang on the wall or use in a table setting adding fresh flowers. Now I have a new use for my great rusty funnel…a hanging buzz, buzz…light!

I used a pig ring as a way to hang the funnel up {yes, and kind used in real pigs to keep them from rooting}.

This is my favorite thing…so far.

Scrol CDSWhat has been spent of that stingy $300 Budget;

Primer and Paint $60

PVC $22 {had paint and primer for the PVC}

That ugly orange outdoor electrical cord $17

Old jewelry box $6

Flexible metal electrical tubing one foot .80¢

Electrical cord and light kit for hanging funnel light $4

Left in my pocketbook…$190.20 Eak!

Scrol 2 CDS

Up next…Workshop Series 4 or Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey.

Workshop Series 2 Buzz Buzz Light Country Design Style FB SQ

How many uses for a pig ring can you think of?

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