How a farmhouse letter board sign makes you a better speller.

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What is something from your youth that you’re seeing now on Pinterest?

My blast from the past… the letter board signs. One of the many elementary schools I attended had one in the office. They used it as a reminder for special days. Picture day, Valentine’s day, teacher conferences {gulp} and the best one…have a great summer!

I wanted the job of setting up the letter board.

They might have questioned my spelling abilities cause I have never touched a letter board to this day.

Farmhouse Letter Board Sign

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Although I have the letters!  Just no board.  So I made one.  A farmhouse style letter board.

Supplies for farmhouse letterboard sign | Country Design Style |

The supplies for a farmhouse letter board


The steps to make the board

If your frame has a cardboard back use that.  For .25¢ mine didn’t have a back.  So I cut a piece from a cardboard box.

Glue around frame back | Country Design Style |

Next, I applied a bead of craft glue around the edge of the cardboard.

Farmhouse Letterboard Sign quilt padding | Country Design Style |

Then I cut 6 layers of quilt batting about 1/2 smaller than the cardboard.  Next, I stacked the layer on the cardboard into the glue.

Cut a piece from the burlap about 1/2 larger than the cardboard.

Farmhouse Letterboard Sign duct tape | Country Design Style |

Now for some hot pink duct tape.  I have brown upstairs. :/  Carefully apply the tape to the 4 edges of the burlap.  Then wrap the tape around the cardboard back.

Farmhouse Letterboard Sign staples | Country Design Style |

To keep things extra secure, I added staples along the very edge.  Make sure to staple through the cardboard.

Farmhouse Letterboard Sign insert in frame | Country Design Style |

Then add the layers to the frame.  After all the layers, I didn’t secure the back.  It was a tight fit.  Otherwise, add tape to hold or those small nails or frame clips. 

While doing research for this post I found several Letter boards on Amazon.  Some in different colors.  Even pink to match my duct tape!!

Farmhouse Letterboard Sign pin 2 | Country Design Style |

So, do you say, Autumn or Fall?

I forgot to add a question mark to my farmhouse letter board sign!!  Oh well.

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    1. Thank you so much, Sandra! The letters fit between the threads of the burlap. I just wiggled the letter a bit until the threads opened a little. I hope you keep following me, I have two more ideas for “unique” letterboards coming soon. One involves a chalkboard eraser. Wink, wink!

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