Knock off Birdcage Chandelier

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I received my Restoration Hardware catalog and opened it to their birdcage chandeliers.

RHBirdcageLighting Country Design Style


Hey wait a minute, I have a birdcage and I have a candle chandelier.

elk and birdcage

{Never had a bird..but I think the elk are trying to get in}

I bought the birdcage at a yard sale for $20 about 10 years ago.

It has been inside and outside, contained plants, candles, dried hydrangeas and even used it to hold dishes for a buffet lunch. Mine sits instead of hangs.

candlelier country design style

The candle chandelier was found at a gift shop for $15 back when all gift shops were shabby chic.

At one time it was white.

I painted it black and hung it in a tree sometime ago, until now:)

crystals country design style

Here’s some crystals I collected from various thrift stores and antique shops.  There’s about $15 worth of crystals. Note the glass rod…it will be used later.

candle cups country design style

The candles and holders I plan to use. {bought a couple years ago for $6}

birdcage country design style

The birdcage needed loose paint scraped and a light sanding.

bottom plate country design style

This is the bottom that slides out for easy cleaning, or in my case, easy painting:-D

painting birdcage country design style

I primed the bottom and legs…too many thisplantneedsmorewater.

birdcage 2 country design style

Then spray painted the birdcage with Rust-oleam Satin Espresso.

I chose to paint the candle chandelier darker using Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze.

close up country design style

Here’s a close up with the crystals on and candles lit.


Notice my buddy in the back ground, she’s a new mama.

glass rod country design style

That glass rod is what I used to cover the wire to hang my “candlelier.”

night birdcage country design style

The knock off Birdcage Chandelier as the evening starts.

The Restoration Hardware Small Birdcage Chandelier is on sale for $1975.00. I spent $56, plus a couple cans of spray paint. Of course mine is not electric, but I like the candle light.

And if I change my mind in the future I can move the birdcage inside and hang a small electrified chandelier.

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  1. Jeanette, it is just perfect!! Yours is so much better since it sits instead of hangs and it creates a much cozier atmosphere with the candle light. Beautiful!

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