Shhhh have a quiet July 4th


Shhhh, have a Quiet July 4th!  I am on a personal quest to end fireworks and here’s why.

Homer on the porch

What happened

July 4, 2010, our wonderful German Shepherd, Homer was spending his holiday at the local “gentleman’s club” {kennel} while we helped family moved out of state.  The 4th was on Sunday night and our small community had fireworks as many communities do.  Unfortunately, the medicine we left for Homer’s allergies did not relax him during the blasts of the fireworks.  Apparently, he panicked at the sounds of the fireworks.  He broke his back.  Tears still fall as I think about him injured and by himself all night.

On Monday morning we returned to a phone call that Homer could not stand.  We gathered him up onto a gurney and took a 90-minute car trip at 90 miles an hour to the amazing veterinary neurological center.  After five long hours of surgery, they saved our wonderful Homer.  He returned home after 5 days in the center.  We had to use a sling to hold his back legs while he walked on his front legs for the first month.  We also moved Homer around the house by separating his crate and using the bottom part on a rug to slide from room to room.  He quickly learned the word “push” and knew to head for the crate.  Several months of physical therapy Homer is now walking.  He will never be !00%, but he is happy and most important, has no pain.

No fireworks

Homer and I chose to NEVER be around fireworks ever…even in Disneyland…sorry Mickey.

We celebrate the second birthday for Homer each July 5th.

So for all our loyal companions that take our journey with us why do, we need the booms of fireworks?   Lazer light shows set to music is a wonderful option instead.  This would alleviate the dangers of fires and injuries to humans as well.

Thanks for reading my rants, and have a safe and “shhhh” quiet July 4th.

Update to this post:

We lost Homer on August 16, 2016.  Homer did amazing well.  He continued to live a happy comfortable life well into old age.  We think about him daily and I still pass on watching fireworks.

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  1. Almost everyone I know has had a pet or two with fire works issues.
    We have looked and panicked many times as my sisters dog somehow managed to find a way out and ran as far as he could.
    In the days before chips he was miraculously found and returned. He was exhausted, filthy and hungry. I wondered where he found shelter from the noise.
    I agree with fireworks ban. My dad couldn’t stand the smell and neither can I. That gunpowder small was too much for him as it brought back memories of war. Dad didn’t like the big booms either.
    I’m grateful we have a ban in our county this year. It could be lifted if we get big rainfall. I’m hoping we don’t; then people will be obliged to attend the municipal presentations instead of firing them off at home. Of course in the country we will still have the ones who choose to disregard the County ban and will put themselves at risk for fines. I hope the fines TRIPLE!!!!!!!

    I wish everyone a happy and reflective Independence Day!

    1. TK, thank you for sharing your story. Animal shelters fill with animals trying to run from the noise of the fireworks. I’ve read that livestock tries to run too. So sad.

  2. Barbara J says:

    I’m with all of you, BAN fireworks. I can’t believe that the town we’re in is still having fireworks when it’s so terribly dry here.
    The fireworks scare the tar out of my dog Izzy, thundercoat, tranquilizers, quiet closet doesn’t help. I can’t imagine how some returning soldiers deal with them.
    Now off my soapbox, your site is great and I always enjoy your posts.

  3. I’m so sorry for you’re lost. I totally agree with you! It’s time to put the fireworks away. People cant just shoot them off for one night , but need to start weeks before and continue weeks after. Our big dog isn’t affected but the 2 smaller ones are as is my daughter and son who have asthma. We have to keep the windows closed at night for about a month and run the a/c. Those selling should pay my electric bill!

    Here we are coming out of one of our worst droughts and do you think they would ban them during those long years when we couldn’t water our gardens? Heck no! Let’s have fun and burn the state up. So frustrated.

    I dont dare leave during the 4th, I may not have a home to come back too. The cops can never catch the people with ALL the illegal fireworks. I dont care if it’s my day to water or not any more. I soak my front and back for most of the day, let it run in the gutter, dont care anymore I have front and back hoses at the ready, after I have soaked the roof the night of. When one of those big ones lands on your roof and continues burning……panic mode sets in. You quit talking to that neighbor for quite some time. Thank goodness the rest of the block was out and all came with extended hoses to help douse it. Our volunteer fire dept was already stretched, dont know where back up would have been sent from.

    Our Koi just love the burnt remnants in the pond. I can plan on finding a bag full between the pond and gardens.

    Sorry, rant over.

    The website looks great! Wish I was as smart as you so I could do something with mine. It’s on my someday list.

    Right after banning fireworks……


    1. You can always rant here, Deb! We too are very worried about the dry forest. I packed a few bags last weekend in case we need to leave quickly. Stay safe. Hugs.

  4. Kathleen Hornbecker says:

    Jeanette I agree with you 100%!!! Fireworks should be banned, especially when sold to individuals and they shoot them off all night, every night for a month. My sweet Koby is terrified when they start. On a positive note, I love you updated website!!! Terrific redo!

    1. Thank you for the compliment on the website. I’m very happy with it now. I can’t imagine having to deal with fireworks for weeks on end! At least here they are not allowed to buy of use for the public. Glad to have you following!

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