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Two Tone Furniture Makeover

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Two tone furniture makeover #furnituremakeover #painting #DIYI’m blessed.

I have the opportunity to join a creative group of furniture makeover—ers!

I get to share their talents here with you…and learn things along the way.

This project moved me to step out from my usual style.

I had two “design assistants” for this project.  They’re both two toned now!

Each month the group of super duper talented furniture painters host a themed furniture makeover.

themed furniture makeover dayThe theme this month…

Two tone!

The first thing I thought of was two tone cars from the 50’s.  I always wanted one.

two-tone-furniture-makeover-country-design-style-1The furniture that we pick can’t have been blogged about.  Even though this chest has sat at the foot of our bed for years, I’ve never said anything about it.

Why would I?? 

It’s pretty ugly.  Fake drawers with those dated pulls.  We bought it at a yard sale for $5.

The top…

I love!!

It’s chippy, scratched and roughed up from years of Homer, our German Shepherd, using it to get on our bed.

Now that Homer’s older, he rarely gets on the bed and when he does, we lift him up and down!  All 120 lbs of Homer!

So the chest has lost it’s purpose except….

two-tone-furniture-makeover-country-design-style-3…it apparently holds our gray blankets!

two-tone-furniture-makeover-country-design-style-4I went to the “Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market” last weekend and noticed several rustic sign under peoples arms and in their shopping bags.

Rustic signs were a hit!

Many had black and cream stripes.  Sorta “French” inspired.

So I removed those pulls.  Then I painted the chest with my favorite “almost” black.  I buy a quart of black and a quart of dark dated forest green.  You know the color from the 80’s??  Then I mix 2 parts black with 1 part 80’s forest green.  It becomes a soft not quite black color.

Next, after the paint dried, I measured out 2 inch stripes.  Measured by painters tape.  I found the center and worked both ways.

Would have been easier with 2 inch tape!

I smudged a little petroleum jelly in a few places, especially next to the tape, as a resistant.

assistants Two tone furniture makeover #furnituremakeover #painting #DIYNow it’s two-tone time!

For the chest and the pups! 

Homer will be 10 next month and walks as clumsily as I do!  Little Bella just likes to be near whatever I’m doing.  Since they are both dark pups, they stayed back when the “almost” black was going on.

Now, that I’m painting the very light white gray, Homer walks by…

gray in his tail.

Bella starts playing with her monkey and…

an ear hits the paintbrush.

I love these guys! <3

Distress closeup Two tone furniture makeover #furnituremakeover #painting #DIYI’m usually two coats of paint kind of gal.  But I like the light gray with rustic brush strokes.  There’s a close~up of the effect of the petroleum jelly.

molding scraps Two tone furniture makeover #furnituremakeover #painting #DIYNow for the pulls.  I didn’t want knobs or pulls anymore.  So I cut pieces of trim to cover the holes.  These were painted with the light gray.  I cut the ends to have a 45-degree angle.  I will be saving those small scrap pieces cause I might just need to make another mantel!

Note to self:  “When nailing half inch trim onto a 1/2 inch board an inch and a half nail is too long!”

Finished Two tone furniture makeover #furnituremakeover #painting #DIYTa Da!

 I am blessed.  Now to fix the hole in our gray blanket!

Please check what my friends created for their two-tone furniture makeovers.

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P.S. If you’re reading this you made it through the whole post.  You made my day!  Let’s be the best of friends. 😊


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    1. Tami @ Curb Alert! says

      Jeanette, I love it! It looks so good at the foot of your bed. Had to giggle about your assistants. Never fails that they tend to walk by during the crucial parts of the painting process, gotta love em!

    2. Andi Cacciatore says

      What a great way to update an old piece of furniture! So fun reading about the process though – especially with your helpers coordinating with the paint 🙂

    3. [email protected] Interior Frugalista says

      Love the stripes and adding trim for the pulls (so smart) and painting them the light gray added so much character to the trunk. Oh my your headboard/footboard is gorgeous! Both look perfect together. I’m really enjoying this series and look forward to it every month. You are talented bunch of gals!

    4. chris aka monkey says

      jeanette that looks so good like you have had it for generations i love it, we have three dogs the oldest is 8 and shes my baby, she sleeps with me, and i love her tons xx

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