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Romantic Christmas | Country Design Style |

So you spent last weekend dusting off your Christmas decor and it looks tired.  Your garlands have seen better holidays.  The colors are not what your dreaming of for this year.  You would rather spend holiday money on gifts instead of more decor only to hide it away in a few weeks.

Today I’m sharing ideas to use what you have, refresh easily, and add a bit of romantic Christmas to your home.

Romantic Christmas

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This week is full of 32 Christmas rooms. Super duper talented bloggers share creative holiday ideas.  Vickie and Jenn from 2 Bees in a Pod organized the blog tour.  Make sure to visit and follow the inspiring bloggers along the bottom of this post.

Come home for Christmas main

Now let’s visit our romantic Christmas decor.


As I worked on creating a romantic look for this bedroom, I realized romantic style is subjective.  What’s romantic to some may not be to others.  Soft pink and pastels are romantic.  For us, I picked a farmhouse look with lots of texture and nature.  From the softest faux fur to the roughest burlap.

The muted colors come from being in the sun!

The creamy white bed with distressed added by several moves.  It was my grandparents.

The details {right side}

Romantic Christmas burlap and trees | Country Design Style |

On the rugged side, a burlap coffee bag hides a chip on the table.  Two “tired” bottle brush trees liven up with spray paint.  Last year I tried to bleach them, but the plastic didn’t bleach.  Plastic does take spray paint.  One tree twinkles with lights.

The large rope tree hangs around all year in different places all year.  To give it a holiday look, I wrapped the tree in wood garland.  The red bead garland last year turned white this year with spray paint.

Romantic Christmas rope tree star | Country Design Style |

A star created for the rope tree using plywood and a jigsaw helps with a Christmas look too.

Romantic Christmas staging | Country Design Style |

I plan to use inexpensive long needle garland on the living mantel.  Until then, the garland hangs out in a bucket.  To give the garland a fresh and lush look, I will add small branches of real ponderosa pine tucked here and there along the mantel.  I use water picks to keep the pines from drying.

We live in the largest stand of ponderosa pines in the world.  Those are the long needle pines.  The trunk smell of cinnamon.

Romantic Christmas white bottle brush tree | Country Design Style |

This bottle brush tree lost its stand.  I stuffed the wire into a piece of log.  I like leaving the “trunk” of the trees a bit crocked.

The details {left side}

Dressform Christmas Tree

The other side of the room is softer.  A vintage silver dish holds silver ornaments and a small “spray painted” bottle brush tree.  Yes, I sprayed one ornament silver.  This rope tree was created with “softer” rope.  The dress form is wearing an itchy holiday “dress!”  Everything is gathered on a planked wood tray.

A simple wreath hangs from twine on shutters in the corner.

Romantic Christmas faux fur | Country Design Style |

More softness in a faux fur throw.  Soft and romantic and warm.

Notice the twinkle lights in the dress?  The blur in the background is called bokeh.

The details {down the middle}

Romantic Christmas visions of bleached pinecones | Country Design Style |

To update my tired and dated garland I added pieces of other tired greens.  Somehow they bunch up and refresh each other.  Plus a walk in the woods gathered more fresh pines to tuck in here and there.

Then I nestled in a few bleached pinecones.  We will have visions of bleached pinecones dance in our heads. 😀

The sun naturally bleached the pillows.  They spent last summer on the front porch swing.

Romantic Christmas Square | Country Design Style |

Tips to refresh your holiday decor

  • If you don’t like the color, spray paint it.
  • Add pieces of greens to inexpensive garland for a fuller look.
  • Add real pine or greens using water picks.
  • Use non-holiday items and dress with a star or beaded garland.
  • Add a simple wreath.  No lights, ribbons or flowers.

Tips to add romantic touches to a room

  • Think beyond pink and pastels.  Unless you both love pink and pastels…then go all out!
  • Add layers of texture from rough to sink-in-soft.
  • Create soft glowing lighting.
  • Use nature like the pine branches or pieces of logs.
  • Use faded fabrics.  Bright green is soft and romantic after spending the summer in the sun…in Arizona!

Romantic Christmas glow | Country Design Style |

Take time to notice the surprise touches in your home.  Like the golden glow of an ornament and the smells of pine.

And how tired you are from all the decorating!


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  1. I love all the different ways you’ve refreshed some of the pieces you’ve had for a while – it’s a great reminder to think outside the box and get creative instead of just buying new!

  2. I love all of the texture and cozy touches. The dress form “tree” is a hoot and so unique. Your space is lovely and so relaxing!

  3. Love your ideas for refreshing things you already have. I am a big fan of spray painting to give new life! Everything looks beautiful and ready for Christmas!

  4. Love how you used soft colors and all that texture to create a cozy and beautiful space. Happy Holidays!

  5. Jeanette – your color palette speaks to our vintage loving hearts! Everything in your room looks so warm and romantic. Great tip too on refreshing decor! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful space with us on our blog hop. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!

  6. That dress form with the evergreen skirt is amazing! I have never seen anything like it. It’s beautiful! Also, I love your tips for refreshing “tired” decor. They are great!

  7. There are so many pretty things in this space, Jeanette! I love how soft everything looks with the romantic and vintage inspired color palette you chose. It’s all really lovely. Hope your day has been a special one, CoCo

  8. What a beautiful bedroom with so many lovely details! I love your vintage ornaments and garland “headboard”. Oh and the bottle brush tree cloche is perfection!

  9. That rope tree!! I love it, and have never seen anything like it. A few years ago I started useing burlap coffee bags as a tree skirt when I coukdnt find what I was looking for. I think they add a great touch in your room.

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