Glass containers Vintage inspired

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Glass containers Vintage inspired Country Design Style-5Have you seen the latest Soft Surroundings catalog?  G

soft surroudings vintage wine bottleGlass containers Vintage inspired

You haven’t!   Well check out these vintage wine bottles.

I was so inspired with the whole vignette that plans for our Thanksgiving buffet table may look similar, just at a bargain basement price.

Glass containers Vintage inspired Country Design StyleAbove is the only item I’ve bought so far.  A square pitcher from our grocery store on sale at half price for $15.

I used the silhouette cameo to cut out the words water, wine, and give thanks plus a few scrolls.

Glass containers Vintage inspired Country Design Style-2Forgive me now.  Because I love decorating, moving things around, using things in different ways and at different times of the year…I wanted this to be a temporary design.

So I used plain o’ craft paint.  It will simply wash off after turkey day.

If I wanted the designs to stick around I could use glass paint or permanent “paint” markers.  Above you can see a bit of the gold scroll added above “water.”  In the finished photo you can see I added a dark brown to the scroll.

Glass containers Vintage inspired Country Design Style-3The wine carafe already has our logo done about 3 years ago with glass paint.  I had a wooden ball from a thrift shop lamp to add to the top.

Glass containers Vintage inspired Country Design Style-4Now here’s the other side…you can see the logo through the glass.

Glass containers Vintage inspired Country Design Style-6This big guy will get a base of some rustic sort by Thanksgiving.  I didn’t worry about perfection {usually perfection is waaaaayyy down on my list of concerns:)}

Simply using two sizes of paint brushes and every finger I have to hold down the stencil on the round glass, I painted.  The glass, the counter, and Bella.

Bella Country Design StyleSome of the wonkiness of the painting was also due to Bella jumping up every time I kneeled down to paint.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Glass Containers Vintage InspiredThe square container will get water, the wine carafe, wine…but any ideas for the big guy?

I thought about tossing in dinner rolls but would that be weird?

You can see this in our Thanksgiving Simple Abundance post.

Simple Abundance SQ

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