Workshop Series 5 Storage

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Workshop Series 5 Country Design Style SQWorkshop Series 5 Storage.

You can read about {and see my worktables move} in Part 4 or Righty Tighty Lefty Loosey.

Now I had to decide on Storage…did I mention my little workshop is 6′ x 8′?

Have you seen the list of things I need in the workshop?

If not here’s the list…just in case you missed it.

Miter Saw


Drill Press

Table Saw

Table Sander

Scroll Saw

Band Saw


Variety of Hand Tools

Metal Tool Box {large on wheels}

Clamp Table

Hand Clamps

Two Work Tables

Paint storage

Wood and Molding Scraps

and a Billizion screws, nails, bolts, washers and other junk stuffed into those plastic drawer bins.

Did I mention my cute little workshop is 6′ X 8′?

Workshop Series 5 Storage 1

I needed something to replace those plastic drawer bins. I decided on small canning jars…they’re cheap!  I could display they within the 2 x 4 studs. Perfect!

Workshop Series 5 Storage 2

I found this old spice rack at a local antique mall and hung it up for those most used sizes of screws and nails.  Also room for jig saw blades, dremal tools and any other small items I used often.

Workshop Series 5 Storage 2

I have a white press board cabinet in the workshop that’s in okay shape and since I’m on a budget I decided to use it.

I painted it a soft gray green color which started out as Behr’s garden gate, but I played with some other paints to get enough to cover the cabinet. I replaced the plastic handles with some metal handles I found while cleaning out the workshop.

Workshop Series 5 Storage 4

Here’s the inside.  There is a list of items inside below.

Workshop Series 5 Storage 5

For paint storage I am using a metal cabinet that again was in the workshop.  The original purpose was to hold a printer.  The space below has always been awkward.  Things in the back and be lost in the dark.  But paint cans fit great and are easy to find when lined up.  I can always tell the color by the drips running down the outside of the can.

Workshop Series 5 Storage 6

I make a box from left over bead board to fit over the table saw {just to hide it} plus gives a surface to sit project pieces as I’m busy working away.

Workshop Series 5 Storage 6

I have larger tools on a shelf under the smaller table made in Part 1.  I also painted a red tall metal tool box that’s on wheels a soft gray.  It will sit next to the tables above in the corner.  Forgot to take pictures:(

Below is the list again and where I found…Storage ~ Ø plastic & Ø tools in sight!

Miter Saw ~ under the smaller table

Planer ~ under the smaller table

Drill Press ~ under the smaller table

Table Saw ~ on top of paint storage cabinet…under that bead board box

Table Sander ~ inside green cabinet

Scroll Saw ~ inside now gray tool cabinet

Band Saw ~ inside green cabinet

Router ~ inside green cabinet

Variety of Hand Tools ~ some in now gray tool cabinet & some in green cabinet

Metal Tool Box {large on wheels} ~ painted gray and in corner

Clamp Table ~ folded in corner behind wood

Hand Clamps ~ over clamp table behind wood

Two Work Tables ~ one smaller fits inside larger table

Paint storage ~ metal printer cabinet

Wood and Molding Scraps ~ along side of green cabinet

and a Billizion screws, nails, bolts, washers and other junk stuffed into those plastic drawer bins. ~ inside canning jars and spice rack.

My $300 Budget…

Primer and Paint $60

PVC $22 {had paint and primer for the PVC}

That ugly orange outdoor electrical cord $17

Old jewelry box $6

Flexible metal electrical tubing one foot .80¢

Electrical cord and light kit for hanging funnel light $4

Ruler $3 {cause I did scrounge decorating and used the wood I had…even reused nails and screws}

Canning Jars $30

Spice Rack with wooden drawers found at antique store $30

Left in my wallet $ 127.20 Note: I have been rounding up {cept for the .80¢ flexible metal electrical tubing cause it’s so cute and under a dollar}.

Keep watching for the next in the Workshop Series 6 or Cement…can I have a pond too?

…have I mention lately my little workshop is 6′ x 8′?

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