Footstool makeover [DIY] with chalk based paint

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Footstool makeover | Country Design Style |

Time to makeover the green pickle in the living room. While it’s not a pickle, it is pickle-colored and it needs a makeover.
It is a footstool that needs a makeover. This footstool makeover is easy. So easy, the longest part was waiting for the glue to dry.

My steps for this footstool makeover [DIY] with chalk-based paint.

 We’re excited to get this project finished because we have a short dog. It’s easier to pick her up when she’s on the footstool. We’re getting old.
footstool makeover before | Country Design Style |
It was a footstool kind of day at the thrift store. It looks like tape on the leather but it is really where the masking tape price tag was.  This one was $2. It was a pickle color. 😕
I bought this footstool at the same time. Click here to see the ottoman makeover.  
Footstool makeover | Country Design Style |
Look closely and you will notice a piece is missing.  
footstool makeover gluing | Country Design Style |
Now look on the right side and notice I replaced the missing piece with a spindle.  I had a square piece and in fact, had one cut to fit.  But I like a bit of surprise, unique character…and spindles.  All the joints got a dollop of glue and clamp to hold things tight.
While the glue dried, I tapped in a few more tacks to hold the leather in a couple of places.
 footstool makeover homemade chalk based paint wax | Country Design Style |
After the glue dried, the wood got a light sanding.  Then I rubbed in some of my homemade wax for chalk-based paint.  Say that three times!!!
Would you believe, I’m almost done…and it’s still pickle color!
footstool makeover gray chalk based paint | Country Design Style |
A quick coat of medium gray chalk-based paint.  I made sure the paint went into the grooves of the leather.
 footstool makeover drying | Country Design Style |
Sitting on our dining room table drying because that seemed to be a good place to dry.
footstool makeover homemade clear wax | Country Design Style |
I apply my homemade clear wax for chalk-based paint with my favorite wax brush in circles.  Above the bottom is shiny from the wax.
footstool makeover finished | Country Design Style |
A light buffing with a soft cloth and done!
footstool makeover spindle | Country Design Style |
My favorite part…the spindle!
footstool makeover for emily | Country Design Style |
Emily’s favorite part…the beeswax!  She kept licking the footstool.

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