How to make a mason jar ornament tree this weekend

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Have you created a something for your home and years later made another with a different look?  Me too.  My first one won a contest, but I’m not sure about this one.  But I like this one a ton better!

Ornament tree with farmhouse style

My first Ornament tree is still a hit each December on Pinterest.  I hope this one outdoes the first.

I created a video to show how easy this ornament tree is to make

Shop for supplies – Ornaments to buy if you don’t have time

The supplies

Dozen Wide Mouth Mason Jars –  halt pint-size {I found Ball mason jars with clear sides!}

1 by 4 board – at least 30 inches long

Jigsaw or miter saw to cut the boards

10 ornaments {Make sure they fit inside the jar. I found this collection on Etsy but if you have time make them}

10 wood slices or sticks from outside

Decorators putty or UPDATE – I found this double-sided tape and used it for the tree now. 


Cut List for 1 by 4 board

12 inches
9 inches
6 inches
3 inches

Aging the wood

I used my personal favorite way to make barn wood.  The tea and vinegar technique.  You can read how easy it is to make this old wood instantly here. 

Adding ornaments to the jars

Base of farmhouse ornament tree

Add wood slices of sticks to two mason jars.  Add the seal and ring.  You can see how to make wood slices for tags here. 

Next, fill the remaining jars with your ornaments.  For some ornaments, I hung the twine that you hang the ornament from over the lip of the jar.  Then added the seals and rings.  That way the ornament hangs inside the jar. 

Farmhouse Mason Jar ornament tree

What ornaments I filled my jars with

Supplies for ornament tree

Three jars contain wrapped DIY Christmas ornaments.

Two jars have DIY ornaments made from broken spindles.

One contains a pine cone from our yard.

Two contain a star and snowflake I made using craft clay.

One has a plastic ornament Santa boot updated with chalkboard paint.  Then I wrapped the top with an unwound cotton ball.  

Cotton bolls for ornament tree

One has DIY cotton bolls from my cotton stem project.  I updated the bolls with burlap twine.

Now, I have to admit something

I skipped this step.  We don’t have much ruckus in our home…even with two dogs.  So, I didn’t use the decorators putty to hold wood and jars in place.  But please, I suggest you not do as I did.  To use the putty pinch off a bit and apply to the seals and bottom of the jars.  It works better with two small pieces than one large piece.  All the jars except the top jar.  It only needs to attach to the bottom.

Then stack the jars and pieces of wood as in the video.  

When taking the ornament tree down

First, I kept the box for the mason jars.  See below ideas that we can do in the future. 

Remove the putty from the jars and wood.  The putty removes best with a slow rocking motion.  Then roll it off.  It’s reusable. 

Mason Jar Ornament Tree

Other ideas for the ornament tree

  • Add children’s handmade ornaments
  • Carefully add your favorite decorated eggs for spring
  • Drop in seashells collected during summer vacation
  • Place a collection of autumn leaves
Top of ornament tree made with mason jars

My favorite ornaments in the tree are the Santa boot and the snowflake.  Let me know your favorite in comments below or tag me @countrydesignstyle on Instagram.  

Farmhouse Mason Jar Tree Finished

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  1. Hello!
    I am seeing first time ornaments hanging in the jar. I think these ornaments are very unique because you have taken care of them.

  2. I am seeing first time ornaments hanging in the jar. I think these ornaments are very unique because you have taken care of them.

  3. I’ve put trinkets in jars for years and I love this tree idea. I love the cotton boll and the boot 👍🎄🎁 what a fun idea!!!

    As always, thank you for sharing!

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