How to make a drawer tray

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Trays are popular and one made from a repurposed drawer…well that’s worthy of the “greenpeas” award.  How you can make a drawer tray and get that award.

How to make a drawer into a tray

How to make a drawer into a tray

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Don’t you love thinking of new ideas to repurpose things instead of tossing them?

This one is simple….how to make a drawer into a tray.

This can be as simple as adding handles along the sides or doing just a bit more!

The bit more

The grooves in drawer

This drawer started life in the kitchen.  The grooves on the inside held wood slats for dividers.  A silverware drawer, leaving a larger area for those spatulas, tongs, and meat forks, oh my!

How to make a drawer into a tray3

!The backside shows the groove for the drawer to slide on into the cabinets. So far I have just left it exposed. The drawer got a coat or two of creamy white paint.

How to make a drawer into a tray4

I had some chipped tongue and groove molding with incredible layers of paint. Before working with the molding, I tested it for lead using this kit.  Just in case I decide to lick the wood.  Thank goodness, I could keep the paint.  I cut the molding to fit inside.

Make an old drawer into a tray

Add the molding adds character and also make the tray not quite as deep.  You can cut a piece of 1/8 inch glass used in a large frame to fit inside to cover the molding. {I will do a video on cutting glass this month}  I did one this morning, you can view it how to cut glass!

How to make a drawer into a tray5

Next, I added glass knobs to the original drawer handle holes for decorative purposes. Then added silver flowery handles along the sides to use to carry the tray.

You can do this and change the color and add knobs in your style.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, hang onto those drawers. You could make one for each family member to use while eating in front of the television.  Keeps things cleaner.

How to turn an old drawer into a tray

Other uses for old drawers

  • cute storage boxes
  • plant a herb garden
  • stack 3 or more with each drawer set back enough to add plants peeking out
  • hang on the wall to use as a shelf
  • add padding for a pet bed

Where to find old drawers

  • Thrift stores
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStores
  • Yard Sales
  • Antique stores
  • Curbside

Although I had the glass knobs and handles for this tray, I like the selection and prices of hardware on Amazon. 

Make a tray from an old drawer

If you’re tossing out a cheap desk…keep the drawers!

Let me know of additional uses you have used for old drawers in comments. Thank you for reading!!!

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