Painting Furniture

Do you feel intimidated when it comes to painting furniture? I get having that feeling. You want to paint great grannies outdated dresser, but do you dare?

Yes, I’ll help you get up the gumption to not only paint it but paint it so well, granny would be proud!

You could watch a YouTube video and learn to paint furniture. But what about the prep, the sanding, how in the world do I protect my beautiful paint job? You end up doing another search on prepping, one on sanding, and well you get the picture.

What if you stopped searching and started doing.

Our online classes are set up so then when the prep is done you clicked a button on your phone and you go to the next step. Or go to the next step later and find where you left off.

Yes, the classes are available on your phone with a free app.

Currently, our Creativity Grows When Women Gather community is going through, “How to paint furniture” classes. They are learning step by step and at their own pace. As long as they don’t outpace me, we’re good! 😀

Furniture painting is not the only tutorials we have planned for the group either. You can take a peek at the brainstormed classes we have upcoming.

You’re creativity will grow when you’re around others learning and developing beautiful homes too. How do I know? I’ve see it and so have you. Think back to a time when a group of friend gathered to decided what to make for a birthday party or dinner with friends. Decorating and recipe idea fly around the room. It’s the same with decorating our homes.

Minus the food. Well, Okay, I’ll bring cake! 😀

Now let’s start painting furniture!

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