How to create this mammoth farmhouse shelf

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There is crying in DIY. Sitting on the garage floor with salty tears streaming down my cheeks. Tears melting into my crown molding…there’s is crying in DIY!

I was attempting to cut crown molding for a wood valance for a client. The tears fell because it was not a regular 45° angle. The valance was for a bay window.

I had installed crown molding to every room in our home. Made several shelves and mantels with crown molding for clients. This one angle had me dumbfounded. After dillydallying with the angle, I worked through it by drawing my angles in chalk on the garage floor.

That visual worked.

How to create a Farmhouse Shelf

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Creating another bay window valence is not on my Rolodex of projects. But, I will share how to cut a 45-degree angle for molding.

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This project was born from an idea for using half wood circles.

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I ordered several bags of wood half balls thinking it would be unique to glue them around the top edge of a wall. Placing them under the crown molding {that I installed myself…without tears.}
Then adding small trim under the balls. Next, I would paint everything white. It would give the look of large crown molding.
Then we moved. Into a cabin without crown molding. So,

A brief rundown on making the shelf

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I’m making a mammoth farmhouse shelf for our home.

The shelf starts with two pieces of 2 by scrap wood from the construction site.  I asked first if I could use the wood from the scrap pile.  A plate of cookies sealed the deal.

I attached the wood using my Kreg Jig.  The longer piece will be the top.  The shorter will be the base.

How-to-create-mammoth-farmhouse-shelf-3 | Country Design Style |

Crown molding is cut upside down.  The crown molding sits flat on the miter saw and flat against the side.  Cut at a 45-degree angle.

How-to-create-mammoth-farmhouse-shelf-5 | Country Design Style |

Do the same if cutting with a hand saw and miter box.  Make sure the molding is upside down and the top and bottom sit flat against the bottom the side.

How-to-create-mammoth-farmhouse-shelf-10 | Country Design Style |

Above is my funky computer drawing of the three pieces of trim to cover the front of the shelf and the two sides.  Plus, how the trim sits against the top and side of the shelf.

How-to-create-mammoth-farmhouse-shelf-6 | Country Design Style |

The moldings and trims were added using a quality wood glue and finishing nails.

How-to-create-mammoth-farmhouse-shelf-9 | Country Design Style |

The half circles were added using only the wood glue.  It’s good stuff. 🙂

How-to-create-mammoth-farmhouse-shelf-8 | Country Design Style |

Wood shelf ready for painting….or aging!

Wood farmhouse shelf

How-to-create-mammoth-farmhouse-shelf-1 | Country Design Style |

I love the hanging aged farmhouse shelf!

How-to-create-mammoth-farmhouse-shelf-pn txt | Country Design Style |

and not a tear stain in sight! 😀

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