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Home Tour BNOkay I finally made a button for the Home Tours!

Do you like it?

For some background…when I was young mom and I would take walks around our neighborhood in the evenings.  Mom and I would try peeking into the houses we strolled by that had curtains opened and a light on.

Mind you we didn’t actually go up to the window and try peeking in!

Although as a child and fascinated by rooms and what hung on their walls, and did they have a fireplace, and was that a table lamp or floor lamp…I would have loved to run up to the window and peek.

I was a strange child!

Anyway, every last Tuesday of the month I do get to run up to the window and peek in!

and I’m bringing you along with me!

Some months the post will be a complete home tour like Meegan’s tour from January.

Some months like this one will be a collection of rooms I love and wish to share with you.

This month is Home Tour Home Office.

Our Home OfficeMany homes now have a room, an area or a closet dedicated to a home office.  But I’m pretty sure the homes I was peeking into as a child didn’t have a home office.

Above is our home office.  It’s a small room about 10 by 14 with a teensy unusable closet.  The closet door opens in!

What were they thinking!

Anyway, the room is totally Mike’s.  I used it working for Mike doing the payroll for his company for a few years before blogging, spending hours putting in numbers into spreadsheets.  I was happy to help, but…

so happy that job is done!

My repurposed desk Country Design Style-12 After the years spent in our home office that’s the last place in our home I want to spend time blogging.  So, I moved my laptop from the dining room table, to a comfy chair in the living room, to the front porch to….everywhere.

But I needed a landing place that was me!

So my home office is a repurposed rarely used buffet.  My repurposed desk is one of my favorite places in the house.

Below is a collection of more favorite home offices.  Someday with luck, may I have a home office inspired by these creative spaces. 🙂

the-gatehouse-office_thumbThe home office Karianne at Thistlewood Farms gatehouse leaves my head spinning in the most awesome way.  You must pop over and read all about the creatively genius ideas.  There are tons!

VintageCraftRoomHomeOfficecopy_thumbThe craft room and home office that Laura at Finding Home pulled together has plenty of room for all the family.  Working on a design and decorating blog it’s perfect to combine the home office with the craft room.

blog-office-0001I love junk!  Love to be surrounded by junk and old wood, and iron, and rust.  Funky Junk Interiors home office built by Donna is a perfect collection of junk to surround myself in a home office.  Can you believe the desk was made from a pallet?  Click on over and read all about it…I’ll wait! 🙂

Ahhh!  Someday!  I would love a creative home office that combines all three.  The  imaginative ideas at Thistlewood Farms, the combination of a craft room in the home office with the coziness of Finding Home, all done with the junkiness of Funky Junk Interiors.


Do you have a home office, craft room or workshop?  Take a moment to let me know what works for you.


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