Cotton Ball Christmas Tree

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Here’s a fast idea for your bottle brush tree that’s seen too many Christmases!  Make a cotton ball Christmas tree in 5 minutes. 

Cotton ball Christmas treeHow ’bout an easy one??

With all the shopping, decorating and baking going on this easy idea of a cotton ball Christmas tree is perfect.

Cotton Christmas tree

I like the cute bottle brush trees and have several green ones.

But of course, I wanted a small white tree for our mantel.  Living in a small town shopping for a certain color or size is not easy.  So I grabbed some cotton balls and…

Stick on Cotton BallsPulled the cotton balls a bit to flatten and cover in swirls, just stuck them on the bottle brush.

The brushes held the cotton in place, no glue necessary.

Blow glitter

After covering the tree with cotton I blew on glitter.

Blew too hard

Blew too hard!

Cotton Christmas tree text

Upright the cotton tree and stick it in a small clay pot.  Updated Tree…easy!  

Now let’s go bake cookies!

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