How to make fabric flowers & put black marks around your dishes

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Fabric Flowers fp | Country Design Style |

Today I’m going to share with you a simple way to make fabric flowers.

I plan on using mine for home decor, but you could use yours to pin on clothing or wearing your hair.

I may do a Facebook live with one hand in my hair!

The hardest part of my flowers was pulling spices and dishes from my cabinets. But I made it easier for you by creating a downloadable template.

Fabric Flowers

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Fabric Flowers sq | Country Design Style |

The supplies

Fabric scraps
Pinking scissors
Straight pins
Fabric glue or a needle that fits dental floss
Floral wire
Wire cutters

The steps

My first step was finding spice containers and dishes to make circles. I started with the 1-inch spice container. In another about an inch and a half and so on. After I had seven circles I stopped.

You can download the template.  Click here.

Fabric Flowers circles | Country Design Style |

Pin the paper circles to your fabric and cut around the circle.

Fabric Flowers toss in dryer | Country Design Style |

I wanted shabby flowers, So what I got A few of the flower circles wet, Then them in a laundry bag for delicates. I toss the bag in the dryer for a few minutes until the circles were dry. This frayed the edges.  And I had to iron the circles a bit. 🙁

Fabric Flowers quartered | Country Design Style |

Some circles I folded in half, and then in quarters. Then either pinked or scalloped the edge.

Fabric Flowers opened | Country Design Style |

I wanted different results when I opened the circles.

To add a little ruffle to the edges. Go around the circle with your thumb and index finger and twist about every inch.

Fabric Flowers stacked | Country Design Style |

Then I stack layers.  Noticed some of my fabric is burlap.

Fabric Flowers sew with wire | Country Design Style |

I use the floral wire to “sew” through the layers adding a button or bead for the center.

Fabric Flowers | Country Design Style |

Are you going to use your flowers for clothing or hair? Sew with dental floss and then add a pin. Also, you can glue the center of the flowers with fabric glue.

Fabric Flowers rustic long pin | Country Design Style |

I didn’t want wait for the glue to glue dry!

Now I’m going to go get the black marker off my dishes!

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