Favorite Home Blog Tools that get the job done!

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Ever wonder what tools are best to start a home DIY blog? I’m sharing my favorite home blog tools. Without some, I would never start a blog.

MacBook Pro with text

If you’re looking for more room accessories click this link to visit more easy ideas.

If I didn’t have a MacBook, I would not have started blogging. Previous to blogging, I worked for Mike as a payroll clerk. I don’t remember the type of computer, but it wasn’t user friendly.

I used my severance pay to buy a MacBook Pro. Wow! What a difference and so awesome to use.

After the first week using the MacBook, I knew I wanted to start a blog. And I did.

calligraphy marker

My favorite marker is this Zig calligraphy with two ends. I rarely use the larger end, but the regular size end makes my ugly handwriting pretty. 😊

light with umbrella

We live in a cabin and interior photos are tough. This photography light kit with two umbrellas changed my photos. The angles are endless. I use the umbrellas to mute the light or reflex light. And the best part, my photos are so much brighter.

Note: the kit I purchased is no longer available, but this one is similar in style and price.

roll of double-faced tape

If you like to move things around on your walls, this double-sided tape is the bomb-diggity.

I make lots of decor that hang on the wall. Then I take several pictures for the blog and social media. The decor may hang around, or it may turn into something else. Our walls were beginning to look like we had a bb gunfight. Too many nail holes. But, this tape holds light-weight items and doesn’t damage your paint. Plus, it’s reusable. I wash it with cool water, let dry and reuse it.

Dremel with holder

I dream of a pretty white room with beadboard and lots of thick moldings and trims. A router makes lots of details in wood. But a router and table are big and expensive. If you’re starting woodworking or doing smaller projects, a smaller router is a great place to start. This is my smaller router. The router holder that turns the Dremel into a small router. So fun and creative.

Again note: My router is almost 25 years old. The router holder is almost 20 years old. The links are to similar (and better products) hummm!

If you dream of working from home or starting a blog, check out my work from home tips. I’ve worked from home since the mid-’80s. My personal favorite place for streamlined blogging is Amy Lynn Andrews.

For those starting to work from home, these 5 tips to get more done every day is helpful.

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