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1 Cool book page project

A five-minute project that’ll make your friends say, “Wow! That’s cute!” Did you know I do live videos to start each workday? Did you also know there are times I have no idea what I’m going to take 5 minutes before I go live? Well, one of those times, the idea for a quick project turn out to ... READ the POST

Best Places to Find Farmhouse Pillows on a Budget

Finding a decorative pillow at a great price usually means it's not a great pillow. Today, I'm sharing my favorite places to find good pillows at good prices. So how many pillows do you have right now on your bed? Too many? Me too! But try to remove one and I can’t.  This post may ... READ the POST

Swedish Death Purging, my thoughts?

I've realized a few things about decluttering and the Swedish death purging idea that I never thought I would ever say. I can get rid of treasures and feel unruffled! When it comes to the death purging, I genuinely hope I'm years ahead of myself. We put our wonderful mountain home on the ... READ the POST

Make a Farmhouse Windmill Sign this afternoon

Here’s a farmhouse windmill sign you can make in an afternoon. Perfect for an empty spot over the mantel or the bed.  Swimming in cow saliva may sound extra gross, but as a kid, it was spectacular! My grandparents had a large holding tank for water pumped up from the windmill. Cows would stroll ... READ the POST

Small craft room ideas – hidden craft room

Do you ever feel like you need to squeeze your crafts between the toaster and the dining room wall? Me too, I’m squeezing my whole craft room in a tiny coat closet. I have a big announcement. We sold our awesome mountain home on a whim. At least, that’s the way it’s feeling currently. I’m ... READ the POST

Christmas Tag Ideas

Have you ever wrapped a gift feeling that's it not quite good enough? These Christmas tag ideas help boost that fanny pack or beer hat gift to new levels of excitement. How to make Christmas tags Getting the basic shape of a tag is the first challenge. To help you, I made a print of tags in ... READ the POST

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