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Wooden Spoon Holders Repurposed

Wooden spoon holders are a blast to update and repurpose. How many ideas can we come up with for theses popular thrift store finds. Sideways and backward hand towel holder. When you find one old spoon holder, soon you will find another. This happens often. It’s a strange thrift shopper ... READ the POST

Burlap sack ottoman cover in 30 minutes or less

A burlap sack ottoman cover made in 30 minutes or less using a $5 coffee bag. Perfect for those sad ottomans that need a farmhouse style update. Your ottoman is looking well used. You think about tossing it, but it’s used often, especially during Netflix and popcorn ... READ the POST

Picture hanging idea

This picture hanging idea starts in the garden. There's nothing better than an afternoon snapping green beans on the front porch. Running around a garden and occasionally picking green beans does not make a gardener. Grandma and Grandpa had a large garden on the farm that fed the family of ... READ the POST

Mason Jar Twine Holder

My maternal and paternal grandmother’s canned vegetables and kept them in their cellar. Oklahoma gets a few tornados (to say the least), and many times we hung out in the cellar. It’s strange, but I liked the comfort of the cellar with all the canned goods lined up on the dusty old shelves, even ... READ the POST

Vintage Lantern Cloche

You find lanterns in thrift shops with plans to light campers way to the restroom but this vintage lantern cloche never saw a campsite restroom. (that I know of) Camping story The last time I tent camped, I went with my 8-year-old son, Jason, and a skunk. The skunk wasn't invited and ... READ the POST

Nautical Decor DIY Sailboat

Nautical decor DIY sailboat that not only for summer displays. Rustic spindle sailboat In my twenties, I dreamed of living on a sailboat. I never reached that dream, and at this point in life, it’s not much of a regret. Plus, I can barely swim. Regrets When I started sixth grade, dad ... READ the POST

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