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Nautical Decor DIY Sailboat

Nautical decor DIY sailboat that not only for summer displays. Rustic spindle sailboat In my twenties, I dreamed of living on a sailboat. I never reached that dream, and at this point in life, it’s not much of a regret. Plus, I can barely swim. Regrets When I started sixth grade, dad ... READ the POST

Glass Lamp Base using a Wine Glass

This idea came while cleaning out dining room cabinets. A mix-match of wine glasses and small lamp shades were stacked on the table with piles dishes and linens. Something came over me and I placed a shade on the wine glass. Genius! Many times you can find a set of five or ... READ the POST

Multi Picture Frames for Special Photo

Multi picture frames gathered at thrift stores make a dramatic display for a very special photograph. This one adds a touch of farmhouse. Do you have a picture that means the world to you? This old photograph is my grandparent's old farmhouse. It was a four-room home. And not one of the rooms ... READ the POST

Pot painting ideas using dots

Pot painting ideas using dots you can't wait to try. The first time I tried this technique I made a peace sign on a flower pot. The summers in Arizona are hot. One summer, mom and dad provided the four of us kids with a Sunday activity. We created woven potholders, beaded plastic fruit, and ... READ the POST

Organize workshop she shed interiors

Do you like to peek at she shed interiors that you can cozy up in? Well, this isn't one for cozy. It's a she shed for creative farmhouse style fun and a little sawdust. Good design and planning of this she shed workshop paid off. Other than a few tweaks the design remains the same. ... READ the POST

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