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Broken Floral Junk Wreath

If you have ever started a DIY project and halfway through decided it was too ugly to continue, please continue. You’ll be surprised at the outcome and it may turn into your favorite home decor. Think about a piece of furniture with only one coat of paint. It’s ugly. It’s easy to give up at ... READ the POST

Unique Lighting idea using muffin tins

Do you like unique lighting? I keep waiting for oil lamps to make a comeback. My son and I would light an old oil lamp in our little duplex. You know, the duplex next to the train tracks with windows that rattled when a train went by. The oil lamp was an update to using a candle. Now that we live in ... READ the POST

Autumn Button Tree

Upcycle a button collection into a tree. I used an assortment of wood buttons for my tree. Any type of buttons or colors would look adorable. Do you have special buttons? My mom has a button that she and her sisters used for a game. It’s a large dark red button from a coat. The button is on a ... READ the POST

Buffalo check and burlap wreath

The farm next to my grandparents had buffalo. The 1/4 mile road to my grandparents’ farmhouse ran along the neighbor’s fence, and when I got the newspaper for my grandparents, I would watch the buffalo. Maybe that’s why I like buffalo check so much. Because I live in such a small town, ... READ the POST

Wood Slice Banner

Wood Slices would make awesome banners with a letter on each slice. But how do you get the slices to hang so you can read what it says? Well, I figured out an easy way and we get to add those ever so popular wood beads! Cool, right? Since I created this live I picked a short word, ... READ the POST

Chalkboard RoundUp with Unique ideas

Chalkboard roundup to help with ideas for your empty space that needs something! That happens to me all the time. Of course, sometimes that empty space is my belly and I need ice cream. This is a DIY home decor blog, so no ice cream for now. If there's one thing that fits in almost any ... READ the POST

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