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Handpainted Plaid Clay Pot

Handpainted Plaid - Remember coloring as a kid? The smell of the crayons when you open the cigar box. All the fantastic possibilities pop into your head. This project reminds me of those rough pieces of crayon art. I wanted soft plaid on a clay pot and almost used a piece of fabric to cover ... READ the POST

Basket organizing ideas

Have you ever thought about using everyday items as home decor? Open shelves in the kitchen with stacks of plates. These basket organizing ideas are pretty too. Around our home craft supplies become home decor. Secondhand stores have tons of basket, bowls, and candleholders. Grab some for this ... READ the POST

Boho Macrame Tree

Did you macrame? If you could tie a knot in the ’60s, you created a macrame. This boho macrame tree is easy and your fingers will not hurt. Now macrame is as popular as ever. Anyone that did it in the ’70s wants to make something with knots again. Those too young to macrame the first time around, ... READ the POST

Simple Ring Wreaths made easy

It's hard to be sad when you are creating something. If you make simple ring wreaths in minutes, your joy will outlast the time spent creating. If you have little time to create a whole wreath, well, this is the answer! We're gonna create three wreaths in minutes. Remember that delicious ... READ the POST

Light fixture globe cloche ideas

While the grandkids were playing catch one of the chandelier globes broke. Time for a new chanty and time-out for the kiddos, but save any unbroken light fixture globes to make a cloche. Do you have a passion for the bits and pieces of lamps and chandeliers? I do. The best place to find lamp ... READ the POST

Broken Floral Junk Wreath

If you have ever started a DIY project and halfway through decided it was too ugly to continue, please continue. You’ll be surprised at the outcome and it may turn into your favorite home decor. Think about a piece of furniture with only one coat of paint. It’s ugly. It’s easy to give up at ... READ the POST

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