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4 DIY Faux Trees You Can Make This Weekend

A DIY faux tree can become the perfect solution when you need to fill a space. That is until you look at the price! And in my opinion, those pricey trees look fake. So I decided to spend quite a bit less and did this instead. 4 inexpensive DIY faux trees you can make this ... READ the POST

9 Secrets to European Farmhouse Style

I have 9 secrets about our European farmhouse style home. Today I'm spilling the beans about our new home. Plus, sharing the elements of the European farmhouse style on the exterior and interior. This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click a link and make a purchase, I may ... READ the POST

Easy Boho Ribbon Wall Hanging

Remember when you were a little girl, and mom put ribbons in your hair?A tug here and a pull there and top it off with a ribbon.I hated that. Not the tugging and pulling, but the ribbon!I wasn't a ribbon-wearing kind of little girl. Nowadays, I'll grab a ribbon for something around the house ... READ the POST

5 Dollar store succulents ideas

I saw a frame filled with faux succulents at our local furniture store for 35 dollars. I think I can do better using these dollar store succulents ideas. I understand for most people, they are easy to grow. I can’t grow them at all, so I do faux. The dollar store has fairly realistic succulents. ... READ the POST

6 easy ways to repurpose spoon holder

My grandmother had a spoon holder that hung in their dining room. I wanted to play with it and my repurpose spoon holder would hold wildflowers or Barbie shoes! Spoons from all around the US hung inside grandma's holder. I often wondered how she collected them. She spent her life on the farm. ... READ the POST

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