Interesting how to make a unique wreath swag

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 Remember when I made a wreath using scrap pieces of twine?
It was a couple of weeks ago.
Now, I’ve done it again – only different.
Remember when I made a wreath using soda cans?
It was a couple of weeks ago too.
I added the “soda can” flowers to my different wreath swag.
Don’t you love it when two projects combine to make one unique piece!

The twine part of the swag

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Interesting-how-to-make-a-unique-wreath-swag | Country Design Style |

The wreath swag base was made with pieces of twine in the same way as the twine wreath. {Internal link}

Basically, pieces of twine are coated with Mod Podge {Amazon link} and draped over a shape to dry.  The shape for the swag was a dollar store vase.  Wax paper covered the vase first, then added pieces of Mod Podge soaked twine over the top.

Interesting-how-to-make-a-unique-wreath-swag 2 | Country Design Style |

When the Mod Podge is dry the twine will be stiff.

Soda Can Flowers

Interesting-how-to-make-a-unique-wreath-swag 3 | Country Design Style |

I’ve actually made two wreaths using soda cans.  This is my autumn leaf wreath. {Internal link}  By the way, it’s still popular on Pinterest!  Here is the spring version. {Internal link}  Not as popular on Pinterest. 🙁

To be honest, the flowers in the sway were leftovers from the spring wreath.  I didn’t have the heart to toss them, so…

Interesting-how-to-make-a-unique-wreath-swag 4| Country Design Style |

I was inspired to create the wreath swag.  A piece of burlap ribbon piece of burlap ribbon {Amazon link} was willy-nillied through the twine.  Then I hot glued the leftover soda can flowers to the sway.

Interesting-how-to-make-a-unique-wreath-swag 5 | Country Design Style |

Side note:  Raise your hand if you’ve hot glue a toothpick to your glue gun!  I used the toothpick to hold the soda can flowers in place while painting.  Yes, I still had paint all over my manicure. :/

Wreath Swag

Interesting-how-to-make-a-swag-using-twine-and-cans 7 | Country Design Style |

The wreath sway is hanging over our bed on our metal ceiling tile.

Interesting-how-to-make-a-swag-using-twine-and-cans 8 | Country Design Style |

Someday – when the wind stops blowing, I’ll hang it outside.

Interesting-how-to-make-a-unique-wreath-swag 6 | Country Design Style |

I love it when two foods combine to make something unusual and delicious too!  Like popcorn and black pepper.

Like popcorn and black pepper.

Peanut butter and pancake syrup.

Grilled cheese and blackberry jam sandwiches.

Champagne and chicken strips.

Honey on Pizza.

What’re your favorite combos?

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