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You cooked all day and the meal lasts for 15 minutes!!!  Argh!  Here’s help to keep guest around the table longer.  Thankful questions are perfect for holidays or any time of the year. Plus you can decorate with them.

Thankful framed print

This post is updated with different printables to fit your occasion and decor.   You have a pick of styles for the printable.  The questions are the same. 

I’ve included a frameable printable to go along with the printable this year. 

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Thankful question to get the conversation started

I L~O~V~E Thanksgiving!

Love spending days before baking pies and cookies.  Enjoy getting up early to put the turkey in the oven.  Get excited for the gathering of friends and family.  And love the setting and decorating of the table.

I don’t love it when we sit down to eat and 15 minutes later everyone’s finished.

So…over the years I have tried to come up with ideas to s~l~o~w the meal down and have everyone, young and old, enjoy stories, laughter and inspirations. One way to get the conversions going is to ask questions.  A few years ago I wrote some general thankful questions that kept us at the table for hours!

Thankful quesitons sq

I’m very thankful to all my followers. I wanted to share some of these thankful questions with you.

The thankful questions can be printed on plain paper.  Simply cut the strips of questions out and use them any way you wish.  I tried to come up with questions for the young and old at heart. 🙂


Ideas to use the strips of questions

  • Gather them in a bowl for your guests to pick.

Thankful Questions tree

  • A Thanksgiving tree…a branch in a vase…you can hang the questions for guests to pick.

  • Lay a question at each place setting. Good idea if you want to “assign” questions to specific guests.  Above I used temporary tape to hold the strips of questions around napkins.  


  • Insert the questions into the centerpiece and have guest pull questions throughout the meal.

How to add to a centerpiece


I cut out the strips of questions, put the ends of each strip together and used a hole punch in the ends…


…then insert the floral wire and gave it a twist. Ready to put in my centerpiece.

The Different Styles

2018 (with frame worthly printable)


2015 (the black and white version)

Let me know how the thankful questions work out with your group in comments or tag me on Instagram.

I look forward to hearing your results!

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