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Instead of spending a small fortune on a table runner, make a smocked table runner using a drop cloth.  It’s inexpensive and unique. 

Smocked Drop Cloth Tablerunner

The idea of a smocked table runner came from my dearest reader.

You see I needed curtains for our guest rooms upstairs.  Sounds like I’m getting off topic…I do that!

Smocked Table Runner Country Design Style-4

It started with curtains

Anyway, I smocked the top of drop cloth curtains for the “adult” guest room.  You can read more of the details at Rustic smocked drop cloth curtains.

A longtime reader left a wonderful comment and mentioned the technique would be great for a table runner.  Hummmm!

We set up a buffet style table for Thanksgiving layering lots of rustic and farmhouse style stuff around all the food.  A rustic smocked table runner down the buffet table would be a perfect first layer!

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The steps

Smocked Table Runner Country Design Style

I just happened to have a piece of drop cloth 24 inches wide by 9 feet long leftover from recovering my thrift shop office chair.

Don’t you love it when things come together?  Plus its football Sunday.  I can sorta watch and work on the runner.

Instead of sewing, remember rustic, I frayed all four edges.  I actually love doing this, it’s therapeutic.  Sorta like popping bubble wrap.  Only quieter.


Smocked Table Runner Country Design Style-2

I marked the drop cloth every 4 inches across starting 6 inches from the edge.  Then moved the ruler 4 inches and marked every four inches starting 8 inches from the edge.  This made a diamond pattern down the center of the table runner.

Smocked Table Runner Country Design Style-3

I used cotton twine for crafts and an extra large tapestry needle to make two inch long stitches on each side of my marks.

Then for some arm strength, cut the twine between each mark.  It’s surprising how much this kills my forearm.  Think I need to get back to exercise classes. :/

Smocked Table Runner Country Design Style-7

Time to tie.  I had fourteen rolls across the table runner.  Seven rolls with 5 ties and seven with 4 ties.  That’s 63 ties!

I have to be honest, this sounds like a ton of work.  It’s not.

Smocked Table Runner Country Design Style-6I finished well before the Patriots could beat the Dolphins!

That includes taking these photos of our smocked table runner just laying there ready for the turkey.

Smocked Drop Cloth Table runner

Check back as we start gathering more items to layer on top of the smocked table runner.

Of course, it’s also fun to serve Thanksgiving dinner right from the stove!  Fewer dishes to wash. 🙂

How do you serve Thanksgiving dinner?  Let me know in comments, or tag me on Instagram.

You can see this in our Thanksgiving Simple Abundance post.

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