Little pumpkin potpourri

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Little pumpkins on the hillside. Little pumpkins made of ticky tacky.
And they all look just the same. Here are a few ideas for little pumpkin potpourri.

finished pumpkin art

Make sure to scroll to the bottom for potpourri tips!

We’re binge-watching Weeds. Can you tell?

Mike and I are big fans of a great-smelling house. Or I should say Mike is a big fan. I lost most of my sense of smell several years ago. But when a scent does hit my nose, it’s incredible; when it’s not a yucky smell!

bag of little pumpkin potpourri

I found a bag of little white pumpkin potpourri last week. I use white, creams, and rust colors for fall. Now, I add touches of salmon and gray too.

small pumpkins in glass

The little pumpkins needed a unique idea to display them. Like most potpourri, I poured some in a dish.

Bit expected, but sweet to get a whiff when you sit next to it.

Then I had the idea to make smelly potpourri art!

pumpkin smelly art

I painted a scrap board with two coats of chalk-based paint in plaster. Let the paint dry thoroughly between coats. That’s quick to do here in Arizona. Even in the mountain of Arizona.

Is summer ever going to end?

pumpkins laid out in the shape of a large pumpkin

Then I laid out the pumpkins…hoping they would look like a pumpkin!!! I think it’s a pumpkin. Do you??

dollop of glue on little pumpkins

Now for the glue. I used my favorite quick-drying craft glue. I small dollop does the job.

twist of raffia

The finishing piece is a raffia stem. I twisted the raffia with glue and let it dry. Then tucked it into the top pumpkins.

Finished smelly little pumpkin potpourri.

Smelly art!

Ideas for potpourri

Whether little pumpkin potpourri or not!

dried potpourri on tabletop
  • Scatter pieces down the middle of your table for an added layer to your centerpiece. Use a mild-smelling potpourri that works well with your food.
  • Use in a vase to hold faux flowers in place. Helps fake flowers smell!
  • Add to small cloth bags and place in drawers or hang in closets.
  • Add small pieces in little envelopes to include in birthday cards.
  • Make your own by gathering natural elements outside like small sticks, dried leaves, and flowers. Break into small pieces. Spread out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 2 hours, let cool. Sprinkle with orris root powder and mix. Then sprinkle with your favorite essential oil.
  • Refresh the potpourri by placing it in a plastic bag. Sprinkle with essential oil. Seal well and shake to mix. Place the container in a cool, dry, and dark place for a week or two. I like to add more essential oil and shake mid-week again.
  • Make clay potpourri using paper clay and your favorite essential oils.
supplies to make potpourri

Did you know the term ticky tacky comes from the cheap and shoddy material used in tract houses?

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