Kitchen farmhouse Sign

Making a kitchen farmhouse sign can take time. One of the biggest complaints from readers is, “there’s not enough time for DIY projects.” What if your DIY projects took seconds? Now they do!

A chalkboard sign on a pillar with herb thyme.

This video is under a minute. And yes, I put the video in overdrive. The project did take a bit over a minute, but not much longer.

In fact, from gathering supplies to a finished kitchen decor sign sitting on the counter, and cleaning up, it took 7 minutes.

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Spindle base that holds a 5 by 7 chalkboard sign with teal transfers, squeegees, and two pots of chalk paste.

Video Directions

This is the speedy video and don’t we all wish we worked that fast. In case the video is going too fast the written instructions are below.

Fast kitchen sign with text overlay

Written Directions

Remove the potting pot transfer from the backing. Lay the transfer on a terry cloth towel to “fuzz” the back. Repeat several times if the transfer is new. This makes it easier to remove the transfer.

Place the transfer on the board. Make sure the transfer is along the bottom edge with the board laying portrait.

Apply a small amount of white paste to the teal area of the transfer using the squeegee. Chalk Couture paste goes a long way.

Use the squeegee to remove any excess paste and scrap back into the jar. Make sure you’ve covered all the areas. You can see through the transfer. Also, make sure there are not large squeegee lines.

Remove the transfer by lifting side to side or top to bottom. Place the transfer in a flat container with cool water.

Let the potting pot dry for a few minutes. Using a blow dryer speeds up the process.

Repeat the steps for the herb transfer. Since you can see through the transfers, they are easy to place.

Wash the transfer with cool water and a cleaning wipe. The Clorox wipes work wonders on both sides of the transfers.

Want to learn more about Chalk Couture, I have a cornerstone post that’s all about how to use Chalk Couture. Yes, they have ink too!

This is everything we ordered!

Remember those Clorox wipes? When you’re ready for a different sign for the potty room, use a wipe to remove. You can create hundreds of signs from the hundreds of different transfers!

If you what to keep your kitchen farmhouse sign as is, spray with a clear matte spray paint.

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