Dreams of Being A Gardener!


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Did you ever assume you would be good at something only to find out you’re lousy at it?

In my youth, I always thought I would be a great gardener!  How could I miss?  I grew up around grandparents that farmed for a living.

Magical days were spend helping grandma pull weeds, gather okra, or pick out the potatoes from the red Oklahoma mud.  Riding the tractor with grandpa as he plowed the fields had to turn me into a gardener, right?

Well…it didn’t.

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Now back to my dreams of being a gardener! 🙂


I’ve always imagined wearing a floppy hat  Womanswork 285 Paisley Floppy Sun Hat and using small hand tools  Garden Hand Tool Set 4 Piece Extra Long Lightweight – EZ on Your Back Ergonomic Design & Storage Box while puttering around containers filled with prize-winning flowers Nancy Janes P1360 12-inch Stacking Planters with Patented Flow through Watering System and Hanging Chain, Terracotta, Set of 3.

The macrame with a dead plant

In my first house back in the late ’70s realized I was in gardening trouble.  Macrame was big.  I could macrame.  I could buy a house plant to put in the macrame.  But, I couldn’t get the house plant to live in the macrame.  Within two weeks the house plant looked as brown as the macrame! :/  Things got over watered, under watered, pruned too much, wrong soil, burned with too much plant food.  If it killed a plant…I did it.

So I went to dried plants in the ’80s, silks in the ’90s and now…nothing!  If it wasn’t for Mike our yard would rock.

We live in the mountains of Arizona in a community that doesn’t allow grass.  Our yard is covered with gravel or the forest covering.  Mike is the gardener.  

Ideas for the garden are all his.


This plant, we call a poodle tree has four huge poms!  They are getting as large as the rock.  I have to climb up to sit on that rock.


We have learned that elk will eat anything!   While I dream of white picket fencing Suncast GVF24 Grand View Fence, White this is the best way to keep elk from eating this plant to the ground!

Yes, they have done that many times.


Our trees are pine.


Flowers are desert types.


Our bushes are manzanita.


The herbs are rosemary.


Our vines have to be protected from the elk.


Fall raking is pinecones.

Dreams of being a gardener with a large vegetable garden, large prize winning flowers, and green grass. We live in the mountains of AZ so for now I keep dreaming. Country Design Style

Tools for our garden

I’m grateful Mike enjoys gardening and makes our home beautiful.  It takes more than I can do.  Mike’s garden tools are chain saws  WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp and large shovels  Ames True Temper 1564500 Square Point True American D Shaped Wood Handle Shovel.

Garden dreaming

I’ll keep dreaming of being a gardener and planting vegetables 12 Heirloom Varieties of Vegetable Seeds and arranging succulents 20 Gorgeous Succulents in 2″ plastic pots in little flower beds Keter Elevated Garden Bed/Plant Box

while making a macrame.

Do you think I can make a resurgence of the macrame?


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    1. DeDe Lol! We have one little maple tree Mike planted so I could see it from the kitchen window. I didn’t think to take a picture of it. It still has the wire fencing around it because maple trees are like candy to elk. ~Jeanette

  1. Awwwwww. C’mon girls! Macramé is back! Oh, yes it is! Have you checked out Pinterest? “Knotting” or macramé jewelry is the rage. Look on Etsy. Anyway, give those knots a break. Macramé has come a long way.

    Your yard is beautiful. I hope you give Mike a bit hug for all that beautiful work!

    1. Linda, now macrame jewelry I could wear. I never even thought about how they make those great pieces, but I guess it is like macrame knots. I do give Mike a hug everyday for his beautiful work. I should couldn’t do it. Thanks for stopping by our yard! 🙂 ~Jeanette

    1. Carla, I hope it doesn’t either! Tying knots, weaving and adding beads here and there making a mess on the floor and what did you end up with…something ugly to hang. Thank you to Mike for making the best garden in the mountains. I dream of what he could do in better gardening locations. Thanks for stopping by. ~Jeanette

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