Easy Breezy Craft Project


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EasyBreezyEvergreenheart SQEvery third Wednesday on Country Design Style will be a post on an Easy Breezy Craft Project throughout this year.

Easy Breezy SBA project that can be completed in 15 minutes or less.

That is after you’ve gathered your supplies.  Keeping it real!


Easy Breezy Evergreen Heart

The supplies for this project are very basic.  A red ribbon about 12 inches long.  I used large rickrack.  Any ribbon is fine.  Some floral wire.  Wire cutters, garden clippers {not in the photo} and two pieces of evergreen branches about 24 inches long.

Easy Breezy Evergreen Heart-2

First I trimmed the woody end of the branch to about 1 inch.  Then cut two pieces of floral wire about 36 inches long.  Leaving about 4 inches of wire, I started wrapping the evergreen branch, leaving 4 inches of wire on the tip end.  In the picture above the bottom branch is wrapped.

Easy Breezy Evergreen Heart-3

The branches will have a natural bend so lay each branch together in a “V” shape.  Wire the two woody ends together.  Then start formed the branches around and down to form a heart.

Easy Breezy Evergreen Heart-4

At the tip end wrap the wires together to hold the heart shape.

Easy Breezy Evergreen Heart-5

Then cover the woody end with ribbon.  I simply tied a knot.  A big red wide satin ribbon would be pretty too! 🙂

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