Dead Bulb Ornaments!


Do you have a box of Christmas lights that don’t work?  Here’s a couple of unique Christmas ornament ideas to keep them outta the landfill.

Dead bulb ornaments


I have Grinch type problems with Christmas lights!

The lights on the top of the tree and those around the bottom light up, but those Grinch lights in the middle remain dark as a night without the moon on the breast of newly fallen snow!

I’m usually a patient person and work through most problems.

Christmas lights that don’t work the first time…they get tossed in a box.

Singing Fa La La

Remember the 12 PAINS of Christmas song by Bob Rivers?  Click to listen again!

The day two guy is me while stringing up the lights!

What do you mean, “One light goes out they all go out!”

“Just where is our extension cord???”

“What could be wrong with candles on the tree???”

“Now they are ALL blinking!”

“I need a flashlight.”   “I blew a fuse!”

The big bulb ornament

So a grabbed my box full of dead bulbs and made a few unique Christmas ornaments.


This starts with a glass terrarium ornament.  They have a larger hold to fill it with the larger dead bulbs.  This one has the multi-color bulbs…


and this is filled with white and clear blubs.  Some of the white bulbs are vintage.  That means older than me!

Smaller light ornaments


I dipped the wire ends into my favorite craft glue and stuck them into a small styrofoam ball.


The next two ornaments use a glass terrarium ornament

This one is filled with white bath salts.  Then I dropped small ornaments wire end down to make a forest of lights.  Don’t shake this one.


Again I pile dead ornaments in the glass globe.  And done.


I could use another eggnog!

Wishing you a stress-free light hanging holiday!


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  1. Thank you for coming up with such a creative way to up-cycle those pesky, always-burning-out lights! I especially love the use of the old bulbs, and am going to search for them at estate/yard sales! 😉

    1. Jane,

      Thank you for reading along. Yard sales would be a great place to look for old Christmas bulbs. Thanks for the tip!

      Have a wonderful holiday.


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