Glass Vase with a DIY Crate

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Glass Vase in a DIY crate SQ | Country Design Style |

Glass Vase Crate

We are not remodeling our kitchen.  It doesn’t really need it.  {although I would love new countertops…it’s the one thing I didn’t like about our home when we bought it}  Don’t ever put orangey marble countertops in your kitchen unless you love orange.

We live in a cabin.  And I’m redecorating the kitchen in a farmhouse style…because I want too! 😀

Today I’m sharing a glass vase given a farmhouse look with a crate made to hold it.

Glass Vase Before | Country Design Style |

This is the vase I bought on the left in a flimsy holder.  If it wasn’t so flimsy looking I wouldn’t mind it.  Galvanized says farmhouse.  But I decided to go with a wood crate.  Glass vase crate!

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Glass vase in crate FP | Country Design Style |

Here’s my crate…pieces!  It’s an umbrella stand in the photo above.  We don’t need an umbrella stand.  I bought it at a barn sale for the spindles!

My eyes are trained to find spindles!

Glass Vase in a Crate the pieces | Country Design Style |

Here’re the pieces of the formal umbrella stand.

Glass Vase in a Crate cut up | Country Design Style |

Here’re the pieces cut up.  In this lighting, they look stained, but they’re not.  Just my photography skills!! 😕

Glass Vase in a Crate Sanded | Country Design Style |
Above I removed almost all the mahogany shiny stain using a table mounted sander.

Glass Vase in a Crate Assembly | Country Design Style |

Then I assembled two sides.

Glass Vase in a Crate adding bottom pieces | Country Design Style |

More pieces of umbrella stand were glue in place for the other two sides.  Plus two pieces for the bottom of the farmhouse crate.

Glass Vase in a Crate waxed | Country Design Style |
Glass Vase Crate | Country Design Style |

A dark wax is on the left side in the photo above.  I wanted a bit more rustic look.

Glass Vase in a DIY Crate | Country Design Style |

Here’s the glass vase crate!  Ready to add some farmhouse style to the kitchen.

Glass Vase in a DIY crate SQ | Country Design Style |

Hydrangeas top off the farmhouse look.


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Turquoise Button Sign up | Country Design Style |

Glass Vase Crate | Country Design Style |

If you liked this project, pin it for later.  Thank you!! 🙂

So, am I on the right track with farmhouse style?  Let me know in comments below.

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  1. Hi, I love the way you can look at an umbrella stand and come up with the most amazing little crate. I have ugly countertops, too. They’re in the kitchen AND both bathrooms. Dark green backsplash tile and bullnose tile on the front. Tan Formica finishes the look off. UGLY!! Some day…buh bye.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. I’ve always looked at things and try to figure out what else it could be used for. Thank you for reading along with the adventures.

  2. I think you nailed the look! I really need to work on my woodworking skills. Then maybe I’d have some of those projects done I want to do. It’s so easy to have the hubs do it though. Ha. Anyway, your crate is the perfect vase holder and looks very farmhousey.

    1. Cecilia, I hope you join a couple of our workshops. I do all the woodworking around here. Mike does the gardening. Thank for stopping by!

  3. Jeannette this looks fabulous. Great accent piece for your kitchen.

    1. Thank you Pam! So far I’ve been keeping fresh flowers in the crate vase…but I’m sure that will wear off soon! 🙂

  4. This is lovely, very farmhouse . I just added some hydrangeas to the garden, aren’t they beautiful? Asking myself why I did’t make it before. BTW I do have travertine marble in my bathrooms counters and sinks and don’t like them either… Orangy ? If you find out how to make them prettier please let me know, my husband disagree with my idea that paint fix everything , at least not marble and if I paint them and they aren’t quite perfect I’ll be in huge trouble ?

    1. Andrea, I’ve thought about painting my marble too!!! I do know it will not work. Ours have or had a shiny surface. I didn’t realize that even sitting a glass of water would leave a permanent mark on the marble. I tried to be careful and use cutting boards and mats but after 10 years…forget about it! Now I just hoping to complete cover the top with markings…for a rustic look! 😕

  5. Wow! What a transition…from umbrella stand to this cute little crate.
    You got some mad skills.
    Now, what ya gonna do with the spindles?

    1. Hi, Barbara Ann. Why I do believe those spindles will become handles on a couple of tool crates I’m gonna build. I can’t wait to get started on them. As a fellow creative, do you find it hard to finish one project when another idea pops in? I do!

  6. sharon yanaitis says:

    Wow, that is truly awesome! You are so talented! Great idea that is farmhouse chic.

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