30 Days of Household Tips

30 Days of Household Tips SQ Country Design Style

I’m doing it again!  The 30 day thing!  This time it’s 30 Days of Household Tips!  {from a not so perfect home}

A 30 day long Facebook event where I will post a household tip each day on Country Design Style’s Facebook page.

I’m working to get likes up!

I offered a 30 days of Autumn in August and added about 20% more likes.

Today Country Design Style has 965 likes as of today, December 22.

On January 31 I will post a recap of some of the household tips and let you know the number of likes this event brought to CDS.

I’m not a fan of cleaning so I’ve pick up tips along the way to make these chores a bit easier to share with you.

Is our home always clean…


But on average, it’s not horrible, or even too bad.

Now as far as cooking, I’m getting better and actually enjoy trying new recipes and techniques.  So I’m sharing some simple tips in the kitchen that make cooking duck soup!  Ha, ha!

Organization.  Honestly I tossed organizing in because I need help in this area.  I have a collection of organization tips and ideas to share and am in hopes sharing with help keep me organized too!  Are you with me on this one?

The general tips are the strange old tips that I do that simply make life easier and hope they will do the same for you.

30DaysofHouseholdTips Day 1I’m sharing the first days household tip for an example.

The only way to get these tips is on Country Design Style’s Facebook Page!

So pop on over and like!

30 Days of Household Tips SQ ScanOr for fun grab your phone and scan to like!

See you on Facebook!

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