Crazy Ultimate How to Guide to make Barn Wood

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I create a lot of barn wood from new wood.  But after hundreds of projects I wanted to try creating more old wood looks using steel wool and vinegar.
I spent months developing new ideas to create barn wood.

Then I took those ideas farther…
The most popular question I get about the aging wood technique is,

“How do I get gray wood?”

I discovered 4 different techniques to get gray barn wood.

Below are some of the things I developed to create more looks.

    • Using waxes both dark and white
    • Blurred grain or worn paint
    • Different type of paints with aging solutions
    • 4 gray look techniques
    • Protect your homemade barn wood
    • How to raise the grain of the wood
    • Sanding layers
    • Image transfers
    • Dry brushing
    • White chipped paint
    • Aging Thrift store wood
    • Aging ready-made furniture

The one quality that makes a UNIQUE DIYer is not being afraid to try, test and wonder what if??