Design Assistants

Design Assistants.  Every great designer needs design assistants, right??

I may not be a great designer but I do have great design assistants.

HomerHomer is a stunning handsome German Shepherd from a German line.  That basically means his chest is smaller and his legs are longer.  Homer is 11 years old and makes a great workout partner too.  He lays in the middle of the project area and I get a workout stepping over him.

Homer came to us due to my broken heart.  Our first German Shepherd, Norman, was lost to us due to cancer.  We had less than a month with him when he turned ill.  He was only six.  I was in such despair Mike didn’t know what to do.  So he bought home Homer.  Homer and I had a tough first year.  But he stayed strong and broke through my heart.

You can read more about Homer’s adventures and why he has 2 birthdays… 🙁

Bella at the computerThis is little Bella, Homer’s little sister.  Shhh!  I think she’s asleep at the computer.  She does this often.  Bella is 6 a year old multipoo.  More poo than multi. As usual with small dogs, she runs the house and Homer.  She definitely lets us know when Homer is sticking his head in the dishwasher or in the toilet.  She had Homer trained in 3 months in ways I never could in 10 years!  Bella brings us so much sweetness and liveliness, unless she’s at the computer!

When my son was born I decided I didn’t want another child.  How could I possibly love another anyway near my love for him.  Having dogs has taught me about love.

Animals rescue us no matter where they come from.


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