Interested in Advertising with Country Design Style?

What is Country Design Style?
Country Design Style is an interior decorating website and design blog. I started Homa Style as an outlet for all the designs running around my head. It has become a place for inspiration, learning, and sharing of experiences. I developed the website and maintain the blog myself.

Who is Country Design Style’s audience?
The individuals who stop by Country Design Style have a passion for home design, decorating, DIY, crafts, and thrifty projects. Most are women looking for inspiration, knowledge new products, and the latest techniques.


Ad Options


125 px X 125 px Sidebar Ad

250 px X 250 px Sidebar Ad

250 px X 300 px Sidebar Banner Ad

Your Advertise Package includes:

  • a featured post of your product or service on Country Design Style’s website
  • post added to Country Design Style’s Facebook page
  • a pin of your ad to Country Design Style’s Pinterest ad board
  • link to your website when readers click your ad.

Acceptable Ad Formats
gif, jpg, jpeg, png

I can assist with developing your ad copy if you do not have one.

Whether you’re an experienced advertiser or just starting out, let’s start by sending an email to info{the funny little at symbol}countrydesignstyle{dot}com to request an ad program. Ads need final approval and are family friendly.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Country Design Style. I look forward to partnering with you!


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