Winter decor after Christmas


Winter grapevine wreath with pom pom on rustic white paint wood wall.

How bland does your home look after the biggest decorating season of the year? Do you embrace the emptiness? Or try to fill in the empty places with more stuff?

I do a mix of both. Today I’m sharing easy and inexpensive tricks to make your home cozy…before all those hearts appear.

Winter decor after Christmas

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Grapevine wreath with pom pom, candles, and winter scene in a jar.




Hang a grapevine wreath over the mantel. Use a piece of barn wood as a tray on the coffee table. Or make a sign from old wood to lean on a shelf. Change frames to thrift store wood frames. Switch out the silver candle holders to wood or bare wood. Although silver is perfect any time of the year in my book. Gather branches in a bucket.

Colors of winter

Add white or cream toss pillows on the sofa & bed.  Use raw or aged wood in winter decorations.

Toasty warmth & texture

Leave out your candles. Battery, flame or chunky candles!  Toss an extra warm thick throw on the club chair.  Grab a sweater and make pillows or cover battery candles.  Use snowflakes to make a table runner.

Winter scene in a jar

Winter whimsy

Create a winter scene in a jar.  This one, I shared during a live Facebook video.  Ugh!  This is the video I did sideways. :/  Hang icicles from those bare branches in a bucket.  I hot glued snowflakes (that doesn’t make sense!) to hang above our front door. Create pom poms to attach to your grapevine wreath. Did you know there are pom pom makers? I ordering mine after seeing my pom pom! I make it the old fashion way.

Making a pom pom

I wrapped yarn around a paperback book. Then thread a piece of yarn on both sides. Folded the book a bit to remove the yarn. Then tied the extra piece. Then cut the loops. I did pull a few pieces to make the pom pom have different lengths. Then tied it on the grapevine wreath.

Wood candle holders with chunky candles

Winter gear

Hang ice skates on the front porch. Lean vintage skis next to a bookcase. Use an old coffee thermos as a vase in the kitchen.

We returned home from a 2 week RV trip last night. It was great to walk into our home without tree needles. Well almost! I’m eating my bland breakfast and see a few in the corner.



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