Updating Decor Objects

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If you have seen my Updating of the Decor Objects somewhere else??? Heather at Springtown Home gave me the wonderful opportunity to guest host is this is the post I shared. I love what Heather does and our styles work well together.   As well, this post was moved over from my old website Homa Style to CDS!

So here’s goes what I’ve been doing lately…updating our cabin. This includes updating decor objects that when I first bought them they were perfect for all the dark brown going on inside.

Updating decor objects Country Design Style

These are the objects I updated.

Updating decor objects Country Design Style

This is what they looked like when I bought them. Okay for a dark brown cabin, right? But I wanted a fresher and lighter look.

Updating decor objects Country Design Style

I stripped off the sisal rope {you could barely see the rope} and sprayed the two with lids with primer. The tall one than was sprayed the a light gray and the smaller with ivory.

Updating decor objects Country Design Style

The one without a lid had a decorative detail that I liked to show but just a bit. I rubbed these areas with a petroleum jelly. This will act as a resist and make paint removal easy. This one was sprayed with primer and heirloom white.

Updating decor objects Country Design Style

After the paint dried hard, I hot glued the sisal rope back into place. Then I lightly rubbed the decorative areas to show detail and color.

Updating decor objects Country Design Style

Here’s my finished decor objects. Lighter and with a cleaner look.

These have no useful purpose that I can think of except to sit on the mantle, or side table, or buffet. Thought about storing spaghetti and the ones with lids;)

Thank you Heather for giving me the opportunity to guest host!

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