Our Yard After

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Our yard after FP Country Design Style

We recently had additional rock sidewalks added around the backside of our cabin.   We live in the mountains of AZ, so no green grass:( but join me in a photo tour around our cabin and our yard after.

The photo above is our massive “poodle” tree.  The pine next to the rock was only half way up the rock two years ago.

Our Yard Second After Country Design Style-6

The end of the driveway is where the tour starts.  The tree trunks in the top of the photo are in the Tonto National Forest.

Our Yard Second After Country Design Styleok

In this photo I turned around and snapped a shot back at the driveway.  I did crop out the air conditioner and wheelbarrow:)

Our Yard Second After Country Design Style-5

Here’s a close up of the rock with the sidewalk built over the top.  I really like how this turned out.

Our Yard Second After Country Design Style-3

This is around the back of the house.  The barb wire fence belongs to the forest.  Elk sleep many nights under those trees.  I didn’t crop out the garden hoses:(  The wood shed is my little workshop.

Our Yard Second After Country Design Style-2

We have now walked around the workshop to a rock area I can pull my work tables out and not get dirty!

Except for the sawdust, wood glue, and paint!

Mike added another planting area, and we had the rock blend into the existing fire pit area.

Our Yard Second After Country Design Style

The fire pit and benches were put in several years ago, but the rock leading to the stile and bridge is new.  There is a sidewalk along the other side of the house that leads to the street.  You can see more of it and the back patio with outdoor kitchen here.

Our Yard Second After Country Design Style-8

Halfway down the sidewalk we had steps put in that take you down to the “seldom creek” or wash.  Mike wanted this to make it easier to get down and to the plants on the other side and keep the wash, ahem “seldom creek” clean.

Our Yard Second After Country Design Style-9

This photo is looking back up the stairs.  We had a few snakes around our yard in the 8 years we’ve lived here, okay several, okay a lot!  Plus half were types of rattle snakes.

Bella please be careful!

Aren’t you glad you’re touring on the internet?

Our Yard After Country Design Style

This photo I took Saturday just after a storm.  It is a creek!

Our Yard Second After Country Design Style-15

Above are our flower boxes we planted in May.  They hang because of the elk.  The herd that visit our neighborhood is about 500 strong, and they’re hungry!

Our Yard Second After Country Design Style-14

This little blue spruce is my favorite right now because of the color.  I call it the ghost tree.  It seems to glow.

Our Yard Second After Country Design Style-11

Now back at the street we added some plants where the garbage can sits on garbage day.  Can sits in the street now.

Our Yard Second After Country Design Style-10

Here’s the stairs looking from the street.  The walls were added with the back yard fire pit and outdoor kitchen.

Our Yard Second After Country Design Style-13

Does anyone know what time it is?

Our Yard after BandA Country Design Style

I put together a before and after picture of the sidewalk from the front door.  The before was the first planting we think 4 years ago.  Do you see the elk in the before picture?  Not too bad since we live in an area that nothing grows except pine trees and elk.

Curl Appeal Country Design Style

Front view of our cabin.

Our yard after insta country design style

Now does anyone know what a stile is?

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