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Little pumpkin potpourri

Little pumpkins on the hillside. Little pumpkins made of ticky tacky. And they all look just the same. Here are a few ideas for little pumpkin potpourri. Make sure to scroll to the bottom for potpourri tips! We’re binge-watching Weeds. Can you tell? Mike and I are big fans of a great ... READ the POST

How to make DIY Scrap Wood Tags

Next time you think about tossing scrap wood pieces into the fireplace, stop and try this instead. How to make DIY scrap wood tags. It takes a tiny piece of the wood for me to give up and toss it in the trash. I have been known to pick small bits of trim from the dustpan.  If you save ... READ the POST

Five tips to decorate between the seasons

decorate between the seasons Our bodies need the feeling of seasonal changes, and so do our homes. Those in-between times give way from scorching heat to cooler breezes before the leaves turn.  Can you see the dish of dusty seashells on the coffee table waiting around until you replace ... READ the POST

Cutest tissue box cover EVER

Have you stumbled on an Amazon product that you love, and it's cheap too? Why I don't have a tissue box cover in every room of our house! In fact, we don't have one in our house, I only bought one and it's in the RV. While searching for deals under $25 for my farmhouse decor shop on Amazon, I ... READ the POST

Printable old wood tags

You can spend a whole afternoon making tags, or you can spend 3 minutes creating these printable old wood tags. This soft and pretty white wood printable tags are perfect for organizing and labeling or using as gift tags. The free printable contains 8 totals hanging tags. Print on ... READ the POST

Wired Twine

Wired twine is terrific! It comes in 70-foot and 673-foot rolls. But what if you only need 3 feet? Here's how to make 3 feet of wired twine. Someday, we may need 678 feet string with wire inside. Until that day comes, I'll make it. Farmhouse decor uses a lot of burlaps, drop cloths, ... READ the POST

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