No Parts Leftover!

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No parts leftover after putting together a Lifetime compost tumbler.

No Leftover Parts

Don’t you love it when you finish building one of those easy to assemble items and there’s not an extra screw or any strange piece leftover!  You get the feeling you did it right and you can build anything.  Bring it on!

Or course, it’s a pain if parts are missing.

This took 3 hours to put together.  Couple of tips; spray WD-40 in the rubber tracks that hold the shell together.  This will let them slide easier.  Also I used a couple of quick grip clamps to hold parts still, since it was suppose to be a two person job.  Clamps make a great other person!

Now what do we put inside?

No Parts Leftover

How about Bella, my niece puppy.  We are dog sitting for a few months!  She a great dog and very sweet!.

No leftover parts dirnk

How about my sunset drink?  No wait, I’m gonna want that later!

No leftover parts

How ’bout Homer?  Aww, he’s sweet too!

We would love your ideas since apparently we have no idea:)

Disclaimer; no animals were harmed during this photo editing.

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